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10 Fantastic Cleaning Tips

How can we make the process of cleaning easier and more effective? The little tricks below will make your clothes and other belongings stay fresh for longer. Here are 10 not-so-obvious tips about cleaning that are both surprising, and very effective. 
1. You can disinfect a mattress using a spray
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Mattresses collect a lot of bacteria and germs, but there is a way to keep it fresh for longer. To start, vacuum clean your mattress, then, sprinkle it with an alcohol solution of one part alcohol mixed with two parts water. Let it dry. The alcohol will disinfect the upper layer and will kill any bacteria that is causing it to smell bad. 

2. Keep kitty litter in the fridge to keep it smelling fresh

Kitty litter absorbs smells easily. To keep your fridge smelling fresh, place some kitty litter in a box and put it in the fridge. If you have a mix of food in the fridge, which can lead to an unpleasant odor, the litter will help mask the smell. Opt for silica litter for best results. 

3. How to ideally wash a blender
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Simply pour water and a drop of detergent into the blender, then turn it on for a little bit. Once done, rinse. All the stains should disappear. 

4. Salty grapefruit can clean calcareous deposit

Cut a grapefruit in half and put salt on one of the halves then rub over the bathtub or the sink - this unusual mix will help you get rid of calcareous deposit. Best use finer grains of salt so as not to scratch and damage any surfaces.

5. Whiten your laundry
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Keep your clothes white and looking fresh by soaking them in a mixture of laundry detergent and bleach in equal amounts along with a washing machine tablet. Soak the laundry in this mixture for some time, then wash as you normally would. 


6. Salt can help keep your clothes brighter for longer

If your bright clothes have lost their color, add half a glass of salt into your washing machine or wash the clothes by hand in the mixture. 

7. The secret to cleaning baseboards quickly
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Need to clean the skirting against the wall? Use a rough broom. Wrap it in a cloth made of microfiber and wash these difficult spots. With this method, it will just take a couple of minutes. 

8. Cleaning a frying pan

One of the easiest ways to ruin a frying pan is by washing it while it's still hot. This will lead to the food burning on the frying pan and will be a lot harder to wash off any greasy spots. So wait until the frying pan has cooled to wash it.

9. Use ice cubes to get rid of furniture marks on the carpet
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If you notice furniture marks on your carpet you can use ice over the damaged areas and leave them there overnight. The water will be absorbed by the carpet, returning it back to normal again. 

10. Clean a knife block with a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer

One of the best ways to clean a wooden knife block is by using a vacuum cleaner. This will be especially effective if you use a thin wire. To remove the remainder of the dust, use a hairdryer on its strongest mode. Best do it over a sink or a bathtub. 

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