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15 Hacks to a Happier and Healthier Life

 Changing your habits is extremely difficult, but the smallest, simplest tweak to your daily routine can make all the difference. Here are 15 hacks to a happier and healthier life: 
1. Change your alarm clock 
Try waking up to something more soothing in the morning, as opposed to a sound that makes you feel homicidal and exhausted when you wake up. 
2. Leave your phone out of your bedroom at night 
Doing this will stop you from browsing internet sites aimlessly as you lie in bed. It will also prevent you from lying in too much on the weekends, because lie-ins tend to get boring without a phone in your hand. 
3. Moisturize 
Most men never bother with moisturizer in the slightest, but it's actually a really good idea to use it. Not only will it make you look younger, but it also helps to prevent dry skin and keeps you feeling refreshed. 
4. Up your sock game
If you're sick and tired of trying to match socks together after a wash the solution is simple - just buy the same brand and color and throw everything else away. Problem solved!
5. Take a deep breath before you overreact
Overreacting, while instinctual, does more harm then good. So, before you lose it over something, take a deep breath, count to 10 and then react!
6. Invest in some extra dish towels
Have you ever found yourself wasting time rummaging around trying to find a dishcloth when you needed one? Sometimes, you need one handy to dry up with, mop up a spill, or grab something out of a hot oven. Solve this problem by going out and buying about 20 in one go. That way you'll always have a clean dish towel within easy reach. 
7. Trade Netflix for a book 
Don't keep watching TV before you go to bed. Reading a good book will help you to fall asleep quicker and allow you to wake up feeling better. 
8. Assume the best 
Miscommunication in text message is rampant, but you can change your outlook and assume the best by adding your personal intonation to them when reading them. That way you'll refrain from assuming that the person texting you is being a jerk. 
9. Write down solutions to problems instead of dwelling on them 
If you happen to be a cynical person, it can take quite some effort to change and have an optimistic outlook, but you can help yourself by writing down solutions to your problems instead of dwelling on them. It will do wonders toward helping you to adjust your attitude. 
10. Embrace getting up early
Going to bed early and waking up early is always a great idea, and that's because you're likely to accomplish most of what you need to do for the day before 10 am. The rest of the day can be devoted to things that come up. 
11. Work somewhere other than home 
Working from home can be enjoyable, but your productivity might also take a hit. Try heading to a library to see what you can accomplish in the same amount of time you would have devoted to doing work at home. Some people say that their productivity doubled instantly. 
12. Give up dairy 
Although cheese is utterly divine, cutting out dairy will leave you feeling much less bloated, help to regulate your bowel movements and even leave you feeling much more energetic. 
13. Drink green tea 
You'll barely need to make a single change to your diet if you're looking to lose weight. Just take up drinking green tea each night before bed and watch the weight come off. 
14. Quit soda for good
Soda is just bad for your health. Period. Consuming it can keep you from losing weight. One woman who said she gave it up reported losing about 85 pounds in a single year. 
15. Use a planner
Using a planner will help you to feel less stressed about how you're spending your time. You'll feel so much more productive and calm. 
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