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18 Incredibly Mindblowing Facts


Have a little think about all the strange thoughts that enter your mind when you're trying to fall asleep. At moments like these, particularly when you want to fall asleep quickly, your brain starts bringing up weird questions, such as 'How much does a cloud weigh?' or 'Can I smell things while I'm asleep?' Luckily, we've got the answers to both of these questions and more!


Here are 18 facts that you won't be forgetting anytime soon:

Amazing Facts

1. People born in the 90s have lived through three decades, 2 centuries, and 2 millennia, and they're not even 30 yet!

2. An average cloud is as heavy as 100 elephants, while an average storm cloud weighs as much as around 200,000 elephants!

3. Your age is simply the number of circles you've made around the sun.

4. In your lifetime, you'll meet around 16 murderers without even realizing it.

Amazing Facts

5. You can work out how many days each month has by using your knuckles. Simply make a fist, and count the months by using your knuckles and the gaps in between them. Each knuckle is a month with 31 days, and each gap contains 30 or less. Once you reach the last knuckle of one fist, move on to the first knuckle of the other one, so that July and August are both counted on knuckles.

6. In a single day, your heart makes enough energy for a 19-mile truck trip.

7. Your sense of smell deactivates while you sleep.

8. Two 30cm pizzas are still smaller than one 43cm pizza.

Amazing Facts

9. There is a painkiller in our saliva, called opiorphin, which is 6 times more powerful than morphine.

10. The person sitting closest to you on the left is actually the furthest from you on the right.

11. We need oxygen to live, yet it is also responsible for our aging, and ultimately our death.


12. Every year, 98% of you changes, since your atoms end up getting renewed.

13. If a pregnant woman damages her internal organs, her baby will send over some stem cells to help speed up the healing process.

14. In a day, our brain makes enough energy to power a 10-watt light bulb.

Amazing Facts

15. New babies typically cost their parents around 750 hours of sleep in their first year.

16. By the time you reach 60, you will have lost around half of your taste buds.

17. The carbon all of us, and indeed, all living things, are made of - was created inside stars, because only the fierce furnace of the sun could create this heavier element out of the lighter elements like hydrogen.

18. Every time you shuffle a deck of playing cards, you are most likely the first person ever to have created such a sequence.


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