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8 Important Number Facts That Can Change Your Life

 The search for happiness is an endless journey in a person's life, and each of us has a different definition of the concept of happiness. There are people for whom economic well-being is the recipe, whereas, for others, routine is the perfect solution. We can’t know the right way, but we can do the best for us and others if we follow the suggestions below to make our lives happier. Here are 8 important facts for life, all of which are presented using numbers that have been tested and proven, and you should work on them if you want to become happier.

Number Facts

6-7 - The number of hours it is recommended to spend with family and friends every day

If you try to think about when you are the most relaxed and happy in your daily life, you’ll realize that it is when you’re spending time with your loved ones. A survey conducted by Gallup in the United States found that people are happier mainly on weekends, probably because they spend more time with their families on these days. It also turns out that people who spend about a quarter of their daily waking hours with family and friends are 12 times happier than others and experience less stress and anxiety.

10 – The number of friends you should keep in touch with

In a survey of thousands of British adults, there was a direct correlation between the number of friends a person had and their level of happiness. It was also found that those with fewer than 10 friends with whom they were in constant contact reported lower levels of happiness. In order to improve your mood, you need to develop a larger and more extensive social network and become more active in developing and preserving friendships.

Number Facts

5 - The number of positive interactions that happy couples have for each negative interaction

Positive interactions don’t happen on their own, rather you have to make them happen. Try to think, for example, when the last time you complimented your spouse was. Did you have a laugh together at something lately or maybe you have a good memory shared by both of you? Researchers who examined the difference between couples who divorced and couples who remained together found that in a happy relationship the ratio of positive experiences versus negative ones was 5: 1 in favor of the positive events, therefore, it is very important to know how to flatter and compliment your partner.

$ 75,000 - This is the annual salary that will make you happy

It is believed that the more money we have, the happier we’ll be, but it turns out that this is a mistake. In a study conducted at Princeton University in New Jersey, if your annual income exceeds $ 75,000 per year, it won’t affect your level of happiness in everyday life, so there’s no need to be a work addict and try to earn more than that. The study also shows that people who earn less than the above amount, have an impaired quality of life, experience more difficulties and their level of happiness decreases. Remember that it's important to keep a balance and see how you can generate income that will lead you to the right track.

Number Facts

 2-3 – the recommended number of times to have sex in a week

If you ask yourself how the number of times you have sex is related to happiness, you should get to know the results of the study conducted at the University of Colorado Boulder in the US, where the researchers found a direct correlation between the two. According to the research, the frequency of sex is very similar to the level of monthly income, which means that the higher the "deposit" in your account, the happier you’ll be, and the lower it is, the less happy you’ll be. We also learn from the study that a higher frequency of sexual intercourse creates a general sense of well-being at older ages because people tend to think they’re having more sex than their peers and thus feel good about themselves.


33, 55, and 70 - What do these three numbers have in common?

In many surveys and studies, the three numbers: 33, 55, and 70 are considered to be the happiest time points in life. In the opinion of many psychologists at the age of 30 people tend to have energy, money, and wisdom all at one; another study found that at age 50 people smile a lot, and age 70 is when happiness peaks. But as with any research, there are other researchers who say that there is no such thing as a "happy age" and that we can be satisfied and happy at any age and try to make every year very successful.

Number Facts

1 - The maximum distance in miles to keep from the people you love

The phrase "a good friend is a close friend” is one of the most correct quotes when it comes to happiness. When you are physically close to a good friend who lives happily at a distance of up to 1 mile away from you, your chance of being happy is about 25% higher than if they lived farther away. A similar increase will also be felt when you live with a happy spouse, or close to siblings or neighbors who are happy with their lives, so you should keep your good friends close to you and the happy ones even closer.

40 – The percent of happiness that’s up to you

After filling our lives and bringing together the people we love, we need to understand that there is one part of this human puzzle called “me”. Once we realize that happiness depends first and foremost on ourselves, we have the ability to neutralize about 40% of the problem, which can be called "the search for happiness," according to researchers. While this isn’t simple, everyone must remember that by analyzing the behavior and circumstances of each and every one of us, it is possible to correct negative feelings and take control over our happiness.
To summarize,
we can say that even if we earn a little less than $ 75,000 a year and move closer to a friend or become more social, we need to remember that the main point is to look for positive interactions and change the way we feel regardless of the circumstances of life. The way to happiness depends on us, and with these numbers, you can get on your way to it!

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