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Use the Freezer to Clean Your Clothes

 When you run out of storage space in your closet or dresser, where do you turn to next? The guest room closet? The coat closet in the hall? Nope and nope. Enter: The freezer.


Yes, we’re being completely serious here. This may sound absurd, but there are actually a lot of benefits to putting your clothes in the freezer, especially when it comes down to certain pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

Still don’t believe us? Try these clothing freezer hacks and see for yourself!


You know how your leather jacket, trousers, or skirt can start to smell a bit funky? Well, washing leather is a very complicated process, so instead, just stick the item in a sealed plastic bag and put it in the freezer for 24 hours. Your leather will come out as good as new and smelling as fresh as a flower.


We love our soft, chic cashmere sweaters, but they can be pretty pricey, so of course, we want to take good care of them. If you notice that your cashmere is always shedding, stick it in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer.


It’s not uncommon for people to get considerable use out of their jeans before they stick them in the wash – because who actually likes that just-washed tight jean feeling? To stretch the longevity of jean washing even further, try freezing a pair. You might want to warm them up a bit before slipping them on again, but they’ll definitely have more freshness to them.

Stockings can get all sorts of weird after a couple of years. For tights, first, stick them under the faucet, squeeze out any excess water, and then freeze them in a plastic bag. The cold air will tighten the fibers, and the next day you’ll have better-than-new tights.


We’re all guilty of smelly shoes sometimes. If yours are smelling extra stinky, place them in a sealable bag and put them in the freezer. After a night in the cold, your favorite sneakers will smell a lot more pleasant.

Side hint: To break in a new pair of shoes, fill two plastic bags with water and stuff them inside your shoes. Place them in the freezer, and voila, the frozen water will have expanded your shoes ever so slightly so that they’re comfortable to wear.


If you’re overusing mothballs for those times you find those devastating holes in your woolen sweater, then try freezing it. The cold will kill the moth larvae which are responsible for those annoying holes. Leave the wool item in a bag in the freezer for a couple of weeks.

Gym Clothes

You might be cringing at this, but hear us out. The freezer can kill off even the smelliest of bacteria that causes odor and mildew in your workout wear. The same goes for those t-shirts you get the most use out of. No time for laundry? Stick it in the freezer overnight and it’ll be stink-free.


Source: tiphero
Images: depositphotos

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