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15 Tips That Every Woman Should Know

 At home, at work, or in the middle of the street, there are situations and problems that only women can understand or encounter. The following tips will help any woman get organized for work, get ready for an event or be saved from a significant wardrobe malfunction in the middle of the day. They may be simple but these tips can sure change your day for the better.

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1. Replace your hair towel with a T-shirt

tips for women

Turn in the hair towel for a T-shirt! When the hair is wet, it becomes weaker and softer. The towel fibers are aggressive on the roots of wet hair, and instead of just absorbing the excess water, the towels also absorb the moisture from the hair, making it especially damaging. A T-shirt, on the other hand, manages to de-frizz the hair, dry it and tame curly hair, without damaging the roots or the appearance of the hair.

2. Add olive oil to your shaving routine

tips for women
After shaving your legs, rub olive oil onto the skin and shave again. The oil will help remove dead skin cells that the blade couldn’t reach, ultimately helping you get a smoother and closer shave.

3. Tuck your jeans into boots

tips for women
We all know the amount of time spent tucking our jeans into our boots. Often the material just bunches up and we end up with a “frankenleg”. Instead of struggling, try the following method: Fold the end of your pants and put a long sock on over the jeans, then just put on your shoes. 

4. Use hair straighteners as an emergency iron for shirts

tips for women
If you are traveling or just don’t have an iron on hand, solve your wrinkled shirt problem using hair straighteners. Be careful, of course, not to overheat the shirt.

5. Use curtain rings as scarf holders

tips for women
Hang the curtain rings on a regular hanger and thread through each one of your scarves to save space and help stay organized.

6. Prevent ring stains on your skin using nail polish

tips for women
Apply clear polish on the inner sides of rings that tend to leave a green stain on your skin.

7. Use Vaseline to fix defects in leather shoes

tips for women
If you find a scratch on one of your leather shoes, applying a thin layer of Vaseline with a Q-tip will solve the problem quickly and easily.

8. Make an excellent foot-bath using mouthwash 

tips for women
To treat dry feet, make yourself a foot bath from a cup of mouthwash, a cup of apple cider vinegar and two cups of hot water. You’ll feel the difference after just one soak.

9. Avoid cracked powder compacts using a cotton pad

tips for women
There is nothing more frustrating than opening a powder compact to find that the mirror or powder itself is cracked or broken. Avoid the problem easily by permanently storing a cotton pad inside of it.

10. Keep bobby pins in place easily

tips for women
Instead of fiddling with your bobby pins all day, spray them with hairspray before you put them in place. This will make sure they stay put all day.

11. Avoid smelly clothes using your freezer

tips for women
If you don’t have time to wash your jeans and you need to wear them the next day, put them in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. By morning your jeans will be odor free.

12. Turn your Chapstick into a safe storage place for money

tips for women
In order to protect the cash you carry in your purse from theft, roll the bills and store them in an empty Chapstick container before leaving the house.

13. Put on and take off your bracelets yourself

tips for women
Instead of asking others to help you by opening or closing the clasp of a bracelet, stick the bracelet to your hand with tape and you’ll be able to take it off or put it on yourself.

14. "Freeze" runs in stockings using hairspray

tips for women

If your pantyhose tears during the day and you don’t have a spare pair, spray hairspray on the run to prevent it from getting bigger.

15. Remove stubborn deodorant stains from clothing with pantyhose

tips for women
If you can’t fix your pantyhose, or you just have an old, torn pair, don’t rush to throw them in the trash. They can be used to remove deodorant stains from the shirt effectively. Just rub the pantyhose against the fabric and the stains will disappear quickly.
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