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10 Genius Solutions to Winter Skin Problems

Wintertime brings a whole range of skincare problems with it, but there are numerous solutions to them that you never would have thought of. What’s more is that they’re very cost-effective. Here are 10 genius solutions to all your winter skincare problems:
1. Superglue your heels together

This might sound a bit extreme, but you should know that superglue should only be applied to relatively minor heel cracks to keep the skin together. It’s a short-term solution, but it will allow the cracked skin to heal before you apply ointments to keep the problem at bay.

2. Get rid of foot fungus with Vicks VapoRub

It turns out that Vicks VapoRub is fantastic for clearing up foot fungus. All you have to do is apply it your feet and toenails every night during the winter to make sure that you’re ready for when sandal season rolls round. The product is effective because of its main ingredients, which are menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil. They all have anti-fungal properties.

3. Apply lip balm to your fingertips

Chapped, cracked and sore fingers can be taken care of by applying lip balm. All you need to do is apply it directly to your fingertips.

4. Use Vagisil as a pre-makeup primer

A lot of beauty products that we tend to buy are actually a waste of money. For instance, there’s no need to invest in an expensive primer – you can just use Vagisil instead. It contains dimethicone, which is the same main ingredient as a makeup primer, and it will also moisturize your face.

5. Use parsley to make a DIY face mask

Try throwing a handful of chopped parsley into a mixing bowl and adding two tablespoons of organic, raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar, together with three tablespoons of organic plain yogurt. Apply the mixture to your face, let it dry, then wash it off and moisturize. It’s the best winter face mask you could imagine, and you can make it right in your kitchen.

6. Switch out coffee for something else

It might be a killer for you to cut out your morning coffee, but you should know that its caffeine content actually has a dehydrating effect on your skin. Try skipping it completely or replacing it with green tea.

7. Use raw honey for amazing skin

Raw honey can be used for a whole myriad of different things, not least for healing and maintaining healthy skin. It soothes and hydrates, leaving you with a soft, radiant glow. Its antioxidant content helps to slow the aging process and plump up your skin, leaving you with a youthful appearance. What’s more is that it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial, so it can kill sources of acne or other infection-causing microbes.

8. Scrub your lips with a warm, damp cloth

If you happen to be in the midst of a financial pinch and can’t afford to buy expensive lip scrubs, you can gently massage your lips with a warm, damp washcloth each night before you go to bed.

9. Add a spoonful of sugar to your shampoo

If you suffer from the occasional dry scalp, you can try adding a spoonful of sugar to your shampoo. Although it won’t keep recurring dandruff or psoriasis problems at bay, doing so will help to exfoliate away dead skin and allow the conditioner you use to nourish your scalp more effectively.

10. Use goat butter to moisturize your skin

Goat butter, as its name suggests, is made from goat’s milk, and it normally contains jojoba oil and urea that’s added to it as well. Urea has a mild exfoliating effect, while goat butter has natural fat and protein content to lock in moisture. Apply it after a shower to prevent dry skin.


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