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10 Tips That’ll Help You Deal with Life Wisely

 Throughout life, we go through many things that are supposed to teach us about the world and about ourselves, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes certain messages that we are supposed to understand are not always taken in, or we aren’t always able to reveal everything we need to know. In order for us all to be a bit wiser and look at the world in a healthier way, it is also important that we understand some universal truths that will help us succeed in life and be smarter when we face certain situations. The sentences below will help you deal with life with wisdom, and teach you some things that are always worth remembering.

Tips for life

1. "If no one wants to do it, then I’ll do it"

Sometimes we are surrounded by different people, where we all have a common and challenging task. Most people would choose to let someone else stand out for fear that they won’t succeed at the task, but such a situation is actually a golden opportunity in disguise. When you have to deal with a complex task, like a project at work, for example, where others don’t want to take part, be the one who stands up first and volunteers. This will allow you to learn things you didn’t know before and perhaps also discover skills that were hidden in you, and could only be revealed by such situations.

2. "It wasn’t so bad"

How many times have you been in an unfamiliar situation, and you just ran the worst scenarios through your head? And how many times have these fears actually materialized? The answer is probably close to zero, since the worst scenarios don’t usually come to fruition. For you to not prevent yourself from trying different things out of irrational fears, remember all the times you’ve been wrong with your negative thoughts and try to get through the problems that are facing you. Life's problems cannot be avoided, but you can definitely decide how to react to them and understand that things are never as terrible as we fear they will be.

Tips for life

3. "I won’t finish everything today, but I should at least start"

Procrastination is a disease that many of us suffer from, and one of the symptoms is excuses we tell ourselves that prevent us from doing things we plan. It's important to understand that our plans have no value when we don’t carry them out, no matter how carefully we think about them or plan them. You can break the cycle very simply: do a small part of the task or start it as soon as you think about it. This start will give you the motivation to continue the task easily, and will also allow you to cross some things off of your to-do list.


4. "I have to focus less on words and more on actions"

We all know people who like to brag about their deeds and achievements thinking that it will impress those around them, but that usually doesn’t happen... Actions that are performed without bells and whistles are more valued than those that are boasted about. Try to always focus on a goal in the best way possible, and don't get distracted by the final glory that will only confuse you along the way.

Tips for life

5. "I can’t always rely on others’ opinions"

The advice of people close to us helps us make decisions, but ultimately our opinion is more important than anything because we are the ones who have to live our lives and bear the consequences of our actions. Try not to seek advice right away because of fears or because you aren’t able to decide, and instead give yourself a few hours or a few days to find a solution that suits you instead of running straight to others to get advice from them. Their opinions are sometimes important, but most of the time it is best to filter them out and listen to your gut.

6. "I have to prove myself"

Many times, when people tell us that we can’t do something, a fire is lit inside of us which encourages us to prove them wrong. While this sounds a little childish, the lack of others’ confidence in us is actually a powerful motivator that can help us push ourselves and show that we are able to meet the challenges contrary to what others think. So next time, instead of sinking into anger when people around you cast doubt on you, use that feeling as fuel to do what you want to do best.

Tips for life

7. "The products of my actions are not perfect, but they are the most right for me"

When some people face a task, they start a race to perfection to make the end product flawless. Not only does it take away energy and cause stress, it is also impossible in most cases. Focusing on a perfect end product just distracts you from it, as it just leads to a bigger chance of failure than when our expectations are more realistic. When you are about to start a new task, focus on its execution in the best way you are capable of, and not by excessive definitions of perfection. Then you’ll be more likely to complete it and also take a lot of pressure off yourself.

8. "I'll be more successful next time"

Many of our fears stem from past failures that prevent us from trying to do certain things again. It's not pleasant when we can’t do something we thought we could, but it’s not the end of the world either. If you are unable to accomplish a task the way you wanted to, write down what you did in a notebook and go over the course of events in your head. This way you’ll see where you made a mistake and next time you’ll know what not to do and what to improve.

Tips for life

9. "I'd better thank them for what they did for me"

The expression of gratitude contributes not only to the feeling of the receiving party, but also to that of the party expressing it. We don’t walk this life alone and we should know how to thank the people around us for what they do for us. When you work on a team or are given something, however small, from someone in your life, express sincere gratitude towards them. It is important that you make people around you feel that you are not taking them for granted, and that they have meaning in your life.

10. "The more I try, the better I'll get"

In areas where we have natural talent, we tend to succeed more because the actions required for success are inherent in us from a young age. In areas where we aren't naturally talented, on the other hand, we have to work harder to achieve success. This should not deter you because it is a great learning opportunity for you. When you can’t do something naturally, practice is your best friend, which will enable you to do things you never thought you could. The more you try to do something, the better you will be at it, and the better you will be able to pass on this new-found knowledge to other people in the future.

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