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15 Differences between Men and Women

 It is not uncommon to hear people say “it’s a man’s job,” when referring to specific tasks. Although this statement is not true at all, it still has a certain basis inherent in human biology. The differences between the sexes do not only add up to our reproductive organs, but also the structure of our bodies, the type of hormones that are secreted, and the changes that have occurred over many years in the evolutionary processes. Today you’ll discover what the surprising biological differences are between men and women.

men and women

1. Men and women listen differently

When men listen, they use only the left part of their brain that is linked to language understanding, according to a study at Indiana University School of Medicine. It was found that women use both parts of the brain to listen to a conversation. This is why when talking to men it is important to be concise and clear, and for women, it is much easier to conduct detailed and lengthy conversations.

2. Men and women’s senses work differently

Men’s sense of smell and taste is less developed than most women’s, but their sense of vision is better. Researchers assess that this is a product of evolutionary processes because men were often hunters, making it easier for them to observe movement, while women gathered food and used there sense of smell and taste more.

3. Men are more likely to be left handed

There are three times more left-handed men than left-handed women, and science has not yet found an explanation for this phenomenon. However, researchers at the Australian National University have found that left-handed people can process more information than right-handed people.

4. Men and women see differently in the dark

Women can see more things in the dark than men can. Men, on the other hand, don't see as well in the dark but can identify details equally at any distance.

men and women

5. Men have a physical advantage

Men can cope with exercise better than women, due to their blood volume. On average, men with normal body weight have 4.5-5.6 liters of blood in their bodies, while women with normal body weight have 3.4-3.9 liters of blood in their bodies. Moreover, men's blood is richer in hemoglobin and red blood cells, and all these differences cause more oxygen to reach their muscles during physical activity.

6. Only women suffer from cellulite

Because men and women have a different ratio of muscle, fat and connective tissue in their bodies, men do not suffer from cellulite. In general, men are born with more developed muscles than women, and their skin contains more collagen which helps it maintain its elasticity.

7. It is easier for men to sleep at night

The level of electrical activity in men’s brains decreases by 70% while sleeping, whereas in women it decreases by only 10%. The reason for this apparently lies in the history of human society. Men were hunters and used to rest when they were home, while women who were at home regularly took care of the children at all hours.

8. It is harder for women to lose weight

Men's bodies burn more calories to supply energy to different muscles and organs. At the same time, men's testosterone levels are seven times higher than women, which increases metabolic rate, despite the fact that men's muscle mass is significantly higher than that of women’s.
men and women

9. It is easier for men to focus on moving objects

Men see objects in motion much better than stationary objects, probably because they were hunters in the past and used to follow prey. Today it makes men notice and be more attracted to women dancing, as opposed to women sitting in front of them.

10. Men suffer more from abdominal fat

Men are more likely to suffer from abdominal fat because their bodies don’t accumulate fat under the skin as women’s bodies do, rather it’s stored between the internal organs in the abdominal area. A fatty belly is more dangerous and increases the risk of premature death, which can explain why women live longer than men.

11. Women have a stronger immune system

Men have a weaker immune system than women and are more likely to contract infectious diseases. The reason for this is high testosterone levels, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Testosterone strengthens the genes that reduce inflammation, so the body tends to produce fewer antibodies for diseases that attack it. Women, on the other hand, develop more antibodies for disease, and therefore over time, they are less ill than men.

12. It is easier for men to hold it in

Men have a larger bladder, which needs to be emptied less often than women's. This is because women have more organs in the pelvic region, leaving less space for the bladder. An average male bladder can hold 800 ml before having to urinate urgently, while in women the bladder can contain 500 ml before it is necessary to empty it.
men and women

13. Men sweat more

Men's bodies contain 1.5 times more sebaceous and sweat glands than women's bodies do. This is why men's bodies tend to be oilier than women's, and they tend to suffer more from sweat stains on clothes.

14. Men are also hotter

Men are more sensitive to high temperatures, but on the other hand, they are more protected from low temperatures. This is because the average body temperature of men is higher than that of women due to their faster metabolic rate.

15. Women have a greater variety of genes in the body

Men are simpler than women genetically. Women have two X chromosomes while men have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. An X chromosome contains between 900 and 1,200 genes, while the Y chromosome has only 78 genes, so biologically, the bodies of men are much less complex than women.
 All these differences do not necessarily indicate that men or women are better or lesser in certain areas, but that they must face different challenges. Now that you know the biological differences between men and women, you can not only get to know yourself better but also your partner - share this information with them so they can learn something new today as well! 
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