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10 Ways to Improve Mental Strength

 In moments of weakness and crisis, after our body has exhausted all its forces, the only thing we have left that can give us the last push we need is our mental strength. We all have mental power at some level or another, and the question is not just how strong it is in general, but how powerful it is in relation to our goals. A person who tries to lose weight and doesn’t give up for a long time is a person of great mental strength.


On the other hand, another person may try to lose weight and stop or give up after a few months with excuses, although they have not yet reached their goal, and this person suffers from weak mental strength. Mental strength is like a muscle that can be trained and strengthened, you only need to know how. With the following 10 tips, you can improve your mental strength and maintain one of the most important abilities that will help you successfully meet all your goals in life.

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1. Be honest with yourself

One in every 4 calories you put into your body is designed to give energy to the brain. When you lie, whether for yourself or for others, some of the brain must remember the truth, while other parts must remember the lie. In order to keep these two memories, you have to feed your brain with 2 times the calories to provide the energy needed for the double action. If you are honest with yourself 100% of the time, you will be less concerned and your brain can operate more efficiently and calmly, which will help improve your mental strength at the moments you need it.

2. Think of others more than yourself

Peter Diamandis, one of the initiators of commercial spaceflight and the biggest influencer in his field, once said, "If you want to make a billion dollars, help one billion people." Tony Robbins, a writer and personal consultant who has written two books on psychology and self-help, claims that in order to succeed, you have to serve as many people as possible.

Someone who is mentally strong always tries to help solve other’s problems and seeks ways to make life easier for others. If you want to be mentally stronger, think less of yourself and see how you can use your knowledge and abilities to help others. Once you understand that you are not at the center of the universe and that you can help others feel that they are, the mental strength and success will come on their own.

3. Read books

In a survey of 150 people in the United States, one question was asked that no one had to think too hard to answer: "What are the last books you've read?" Ask yourself the same question, and you'll see that you probably remember them very well. The reason for this is because we live only once, but when we read a book, we are sucked into the lives of others for several days, weeks, or months, and we experience it together with them knowing that in the end all with be resolved. We return to our lives after learning from their mistakes and experiences, and of course a little about ourselves, and that's how we get stronger with each book we read.

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4. Cultivate healthy relationships

Around every successful person, there are a number of close friends who make them who they are. In fact, many of the most successful billionaires, outstanding athletes, great scientists and talented artists in the world claim that each of us is the average of the five people with whom we spend most of our time. Every successful person in the world surrounds themselves with people who love them, support them, and help him think of and come up with ideas. Surround yourself with the right people who will build you up and not tear you down.

5. Be curious

The only way to learn how things work is through curiosity and asking questions. Find people who inspire your curiosity and from whom you’d like to learn, because these are the people from whom you will learn the most. The dumber you think your question is, the faster you need to ask it.

There is no stupid question in a field you aren’t familiar with and people with knowledge in the same field will be happy to share it with you. If you are ashamed to ask a question, challenge yourself to ask 2 questions. Shy people don’t make much progress in life and the only reason is that they prevent it from themselves. Curiosity is like an appetite, and you have to feed it as long as it is hungry so you can get the nutrients that your brain needs to get stronger.


6. Take care of your health

As we have already said, our brain consumes a quarter of the calories we put into our bodies, but the type of food we eat also affects the brain's activity and our mental strength. It is hard to be strong and creative and to carry out our ideas when we are ill in bed, or even when our bodies prefer to lie on the couch than to run. You don’t have to lift weights and build muscle to feel healthy, sticking to a healthy diet is enough. Walking at least half an hour every day and 8 hours of sleep each night will allow your brain to work best.

mental strength: man riding a bike

7. Learn and repeat what you have learned

Many studies show that students in schools and universities forget almost everything they heard during a lecture 45 minutes after leaving the classroom. To keep information that has just entered your mind for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you write it down or use it in conversation during the hour after the lesson has finished. The next day, repeat the material learned through conversation, so you can make sure it stays in your head for a long time. The best way to instill new knowledge in your mind is to teach it to someone else, so it is strongly recommended that you share with others what you learn.

8. Don’t limit yourself

People with mental strength give themselves permission to do things that they haven’t tried before and experience new things. In addition, they give themselves permission to come up with bad ideas, take risks, slip and fall and try again. If you don’t give yourself permission to re-create your world, no one else will give it to you, and it will limit you to the world you know, which will prevent growth and progress toward new things that will improve your quality of life and give you personal satisfaction from what you have achieved in life.

9. Strengthen the "muscle of ideas"

Today, the strongest "currency" in the global economy is ideas. In order to profit from ideas, one must first come up with them, and it is recommended that they be good. To improve your ability to come up with good ideas that will help you fulfill your ambitions, adopt a practice where you write 10 ideas a day on a variety of topics on a piece of paper. It works just like weight lifting - at first, it’ll be difficult, but over time your "muscle of ideas" will grow and strengthen. In the end, you’ll find that you have an almost supernatural ability to come up with a creative solution to any problem that life throws at you.

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10. Be present in the moment

Whenever you feel remorse about the past, or you are anxious about the future, you create a journey in time that takes you from the moment you are in and puts you somewhere else that has already passed or has not yet arrived and doesn’t exist.

People with mental strength who find themselves conducting such a journey in time know how to take a step back, even when it is difficult for them. Instead of messing with their troubles, which they can’t solve, they think about how they can help others solve their troubles. Miraculously, when this is done, life becomes less stressed, and the success and motivation we achieve in this way usually leads to other successes that guide the future to where we want to go.

A few words to conclude

Mental strength is like a muscle - you have to train it to strengthen it so you can use it during the difficult moments when you need it most. With mental strength you can overcome all your fears and all the moments when you feel you want to give up, throw up your hands and settle for what you’ve achieved so far, which usually isn’t the ultimate goal. To succeed you need mental strength, and if you train it with the 10 ways mentioned in the article, you can do things you never thought possible.

image source:​ Sanandros

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