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10 Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Eye Wrinkles

 Many of the wrinkles around our eyes, sometimes called "smile lines" or "laugh lines," are indeed the product of happy moments in our lives, but when we see them in the mirror, they often don’t make us feel very good. Many people try to hide the wrinkles that are proof of the number of times we smiled in our lives, often by investing money in chemical products that don’t always do justice to our face. However, you can get rid of your eye wrinkles with some ingredients you can find right in your kitchen cabinet.


So if this is a problem that bothers you, you should get to know the following 10 ingredients, which will nourish your skin, make wrinkles disappear and prevent them from occurring in the first place. Note that the ingredients should only be applied under and around the eyes, avoid getting them into the eye itself. Use the ingredients gently and don’t rush during the massage if required. Choose the ingredient that is right for you and you can enjoy young, fresh skin around your eyes.

1. Pineapple juice

pineapple on wood bench

Pineapple juice is known to have active enzymes called bromelain. It is an anti-inflammatory and natural form of alpha hydroxy acid, which can be found in products that treat wrinkles around the eyes. Pineapple also has the ability to alleviate the dryness or roughness of the mouth while consuming it, and you can feel the same effect on your face. To use pineapple juice to remove wrinkles, all you have to do is soak a piece of cloth with it and place it on the skin around the eyes for 20 minutes.

2. Castor oil

castor oil in a bowl

The skin around our eyes is very delicate and we should moisturize it daily if we want to avoid wrinkles even before they appear. Castor oil can act as an excellent product for keeping skin soft and supple around the eyes, which will prevent the wrinkles that may appear or eliminate those already on it. All you have to do is dip your finger in a little castor oil and smear under and around the eyes. There is no need to rub too much in an attempt to soak the skin, as doing so can make your eyes look swollen, just leave the oil on your skin overnight.

3. Rosemary essential oil


Massaging the skin around the eyes for a few minutes each day can make a big change in appearance and prevent wrinkles. It is recommended to use rosemary oil, which nourishes the skin and helps protect it from damage. Apply some of it under and around the eyes and gently massage the skin with your fingers upward and toward the ears. Do this every day for a few minutes and it will eliminate wrinkles and prevent their future appearance.

4. Cucumber

cucumber slices

It is not by chance that when thinking of a spa day we picture ourselves lying with cucumber slices on our eyes, because cucumber contains many liquids, and the lack of fluid in the skin surrounding the eyes is one of the main causes of wrinkles. As we have already noted, the skin surrounding the eyes is very delicate so wrinkles around it can appear even before you see age-related wrinkles on other parts of your skin. This is also the reason why it is harder to hide them, but placing cucumber slices on the eyes can do this and also eliminate dark circles. It is recommended to use cool, refrigerated cucumber slices and leave them on the eyes for 15 minutes each day.


5. Ginger and honey

honey and ginger

Honey acts as an excellent moisturizer for the skin and the added ginger helps improve blood flow to the area where it is applied. In order to use both together and make a preparation to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, take a teaspoon of ginger extract and add half a teaspoon of honey. Gently massage the mixture into the skin (below and around the eyes) for 10 minutes each day, leave the mixture on the skin for an hour and then rinse. This will help ensure that blood flow in the area is effective for removing the wrinkles, as well as moisturizing your skin easily and efficiently.

6. Coconut oil


The fats in coconut oil help smooth the skin and nourish it, and can even permanently eliminate wrinkles around the eyes. Take some extra virgin coconut oil and gently apply it under and around the eyes. Massage the area for 10 minutes each day and leave the oil on the skin overnight. When you wake up you can wash it and feel how smooth the area is.

7. Avocado

avocado cut in half

Avocado is full of oils that are useful for treating wrinkles around your eyes, and you can use it in 2 ways, depending on your preference. The first way is to simply lay avocado slices on your eyes, just like the cucumber slices, and leave them there for 15 minutes. You can massage the avocado into the skin at the end of the treatment to help penetrate the oil into it more efficiently. A second way is to mash and apply directly to the skin. Leave the paste on the skin for 20 minutes and then rinse. You’ll feel the difference immediately.

8. Egg whites


You’ll be surprised to find that eggs can be very effective in reducing wrinkles around the eyes, and can even help prevent them from appearing. You just have to take the white from one egg and apply it under your eyes. Wait for the moment when you feel your skin begin to become taught and then wash your skin with lukewarm water. The protein in the egg tightens the skin, but be careful not to leave it for too long on the face because it can tighten it too much and cause under-eye bags.

9. Olive oil

olive oil


Another oil that is very effective in enriching the skin with moisture is olive oil. All you need to do to use it is heat up a little extra virgin olive oil, rub it under and around the eyes, massage gently for a few minutes and leave it on the skin overnight. In the morning you can wash your face, and see and feel the results.

10. Rosewater

Rosewater gives the skin a youthful look and is known as a natural remedy for wrinkles. In addition, it also prevents the skin from being too loose, which prevents its natural fall over the years. To use rose water to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, simply soak some cotton rounds in it and rub it on the skin. Let the skin dry and repeat once again later in the day. It is recommended to perform this treatment in the morning and evening.
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