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The Pressure Point That’ll Make You Sleep Well Every Night

 Many studies have shown the effectiveness of Chinese treatment methods in various medical situations, especially pressure points. Chinese medicine is so effective that some doctors may suggest treatments that include acupuncture or shiatsu. But can the results of those treatments be achieved without the need for skilled hands or sharp needles? The answer is yes, especially when it comes to simple treatments like the one below. Keep reading to learn about the San Yin Jiao pressure point.

pressure point - spleen 6

San Yin Jiao is a well-known and very useful pressure point in Chinese medicine. Many therapists use it to relieve various problems with surprising efficiency, especially sleep problems. It is also called "spleen 6," as it helps to regulate the activity of the spleen, an organ belonging to the lymphatic system and used as a "factory" where production processes and interaction of white blood cells occur. This interaction helps to improve immune responses acquired in the body (antibody production) and to improve innate immune responses (bacterial breakdown).


Massaging this point every evening will help you:

• Reduce feelings of bloating in the stomach
• Facilitate digestive processes
• Suppress menstrual cramps
• Increase fertility
• Cure insomnia
• Relieve stress and anxiety


The point is located on the inside of the leg just above the ankle. To find it, just use your fingers to measure four finger widths up your leg from the highest point of your ankle. It is recommended that women not to use this method if they are pregnant or suffer from a heavy menstrual flow.

spleen 6 massage

Massage the point, moving your thumb in circular movements for 6 seconds, and then stop for 2 seconds. Do this for 5 minutes on each leg. It is recommended that you perform this pressure point massage before bedtime, as it helps the body fall asleep quickly. Do this daily and after two weeks you’ll feel a significant difference, and you'll fall asleep easier and sleep a lot deeper.


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