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The Long Breath Diet

 Come the new year, weight loss is something we all try to achieve. And as long as it's a healthy means of losing weight, we at Baba Mail, are excited to share a new method or trick. One exercise we can't wait to try is this Japanese technique which is possibly the most interesting and easiest thing we've heard of so far. The exercise itself is simple, one that you do every day for 2 to 10 minutes.
If, after trying this, you realize it's not for you, try the reverse plank instead!
belly fat

Initially, this exercise was prescribed to Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke to help him cope with his back pain. In the process, Ryosuke found that the method also became a fast and effective way to lose weight. After just a few weeks of doing this exercise every day, the actor had lost 28.7lbs and 4.7 inches off his waist. Since making this discovery, Ryosuke has been sharing this discovery online. And this helpful video walks us through the exercise step-by-step.

Upon seeing the word 'exercise', you're probably imagining some ab move or a short cardio circuit. Although this exercise does work your muscles, it's not the typical workout you'll expect. All you need to do is stand in place to get the full effect. In addition to this, you don't even need to wear training shoes. Does it seem too good to be true?

This move is actually a breathing exercise that doctors often suggest for back pain, but it also serves as an effective exercise. You may, therefore, be wondering how breathing works as a workout? 

This exercise is known as the 'Long Breath Diet'. Fat is made up of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. When the oxygen you breathe reaches your fat cells, it breaks the fat down into carbon and water. So the more you breathe and the deeper your breathe, it will ensure that as much oxygen as possible gets to those fat cells, breaking down the most fat.  

So, breathing deeply actually helps you to lose more weight. It requires that you stand in a particular pose which you will see in the video below. Here's a breakdown of how this exercise works:

1. Get into position:
belly fat
belly fat
2. For three seconds breathe in deeply.
belly fat
3. Then firmly exhale for seven seconds. 
belly fat
Upon exhaling, there's a little trick to boost fat burning. This should be repeated for 2 to 10 minutes every day. The results are shocking and you will see noticeable weight loss in just a few weeks. Take a look at how this technique is done below: 
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