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20 Times Our Grandparents Made Us Laugh Out Loud

 If you think that growing old is boring, you couldn't be more wrong! To help crush the negative stereotypes that sometimes surround the elderly, here are 20 fantastic funny pictures of grandparents acting absolutely hilariously! From a grandma scolding a naughty pelican to a grandpa who thinks he's Batman, these hilarious photos are guaranteed to make you scream with laughter!
1. Grandma and Grandpa waiting for each other at the mall.
2. Scolding a pelican after getting bitten.
3. Grandpa's outfit for a Medieval-themed wedding.
4. This cat doesn't seem to approve of Grandma's new camera phone.
5. Granny's shiny new butter dish.
6. My Grandma likes to pin cat hair to trees so that the birds can have cozy nests.
7. Grandma's first Facebook profile picture.
8. My friend's grandma, who has Alzheimer's, asked "Where's the body?" at his wedding.
9. When your Italian grandma comes over for a week...
10. Grandpa isn't a big fan of art class.
11. Grandparents sometimes take the most hilarious photos!
12. Grandma seemed to enjoy her 80th birthday party a bit too much...
13. Not many people can say that Batman is their grandfather!
14. My grandma knitted my hamster a cute little sombrero.
15. My grandpa's incredible workout plan.
16. Tired of getting up for nothing, my grandparents decided to install another bell.
17. When my sister's Wonderwoman costume didn't fit her, our grandma decided to try it on.
18. Grandma and her innovative 'puzzle spatula'.
19. Grandma enjoying her first trip to Hawaii.
20. Grandma's cactus, called Dolly Parton.


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