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Photographic Evidence of 20 Rare Sightings

 In the age of the internet, it's pretty hard to believe that there are still some things on this planet that we've yet to see. However, as the 20 photos below prove, we still have plenty of searching to do, as every year we keep being exposed to completely new discoveries. So, without further ado, here are 20 rare and unbelievable sights that you certainly won't end up seeing twice in you lifetime!
1. A Whale's Heart
2. A Shark's Egg
3. A Massive Storm, Seen From 37,000ft
4. A Baby Swordfish
5. A Rocket Soaring Through the Sky
6. The World's Tallest Palm Tree
7. An Armadillo Lizard
8. Lightning Striking a Volcanic Eruption
9. A Baby Muddy Argonaut
10. An Eclipse Seen From a Plane
11. A Moss-Covered Turtle
12. A Multi-Colored Chameleon
13. The End of the Great Wall of China
14. A Spider's Eye, Seen Under a Microscope
15. The Strangest Fog You'll Ever See
16. A Stunning Obelisk
17. A Weird Houseplant, Called Trachyandra
18. The View From the Other Side of the Theater Curtain
19. A Gigantic Jellyfish
20. A White Bat


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