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10 Important Things to Help You Enjoy the Perfect Morning

 Is it always hard for you to wake up in the morning? Are your co-workers not allowed to talk to you before you’ve had a cup of coffee? Do you feel depleted of energy and tired through to the afternoon? If the answer to some of these questions is yes, you probably need to change something in your sleep habits and morning routine... exercise, healthy breakfasts, positive thinking, and similar tips are some of the recommendations we all hear when someone wants to help us start our day on the right foot, but these are very general recommendations that are difficult to implement.


Therefore, we have compiled some much more specific tips for exercising, simple recipes, powerful mantras and even a touching morning greeting that you can send to all your friends and family! You should know that you do not have to adopt all these tips to make the morning the best part of your day, but the more tips you implement, the more your body and mind will benefit.

Good morning tips

1. Exercise before and after sleep

It may be hard for you to imagine yourself starting to exercise before you go into your warm, inviting bed, or when your eyes are still half-closed in the morning, but you should consider adopting this habit. Beyond the importance and benefits of physical activity in general, pre- and post-sleep training have special effects that you should know about.

Light exercise before bedtime helps burn a few more calories which will make you sleep soundly. It helps to get rid of the stress, frustration, and pain that build up throughout the day and quite surprisingly, there are some studies that indicate that this may be the time when our muscles are strongest. At the same time, morning exercise also has many advantages that have been scientifically proven, such as improving sleep quality and lowering blood pressure in a particularly efficient manner. 

2. Recommended stretches for the morning

If you do not have the time, the strength or the desire to perform significant exercise before or after bedtime, you should still take a few minutes to stretch, and of course, you should do it after exercising. Tension exercises in the morning help relax muscles after a long night’s sleep, improve blood circulation to "stimulate" the body, can prevent injuries, and contribute to the improvement of flexibility.

Stretching exercises do not require special equipment or effort and some can be done even after you have left home in the morning. You can perform a series of stretches according to the pain you may suffer from or depending on the body parts you want to strengthen. Whatever the reason, click here and learn about 6 stretches you can do right in your bed!

Good morning tips

3. New morning drink

The first drink that most people prepare for themselves in the morning is coffee or tea. In principle, these two options have many advantages for the body, but there are many other drinks, including one special drink that has already become a health hit all over the world. This is a simple combination of water and lemon, two components that help the body recover from the night's sleep in a variety of ways and does not require special preparation or investment.

Drinking this drink does not replace the hot drink that so many people love, but it is much simpler and therefore very suitable for our busy morning routine. The health benefits of this drink include improving digestive processes, strengthening the immune system, helping to lose weight and many other positive effects that you can learn about here.

4. The power of music

There is nothing like listening to a good song on the radio while cooking for your family or driving to work because songs can affect our mood for the rest of the day and determine whether it will be positive and happy or annoying and exhausting. In light of this fact, it is very important that you open your day with awesome songs that’ll make you smile from ear to ear. You can play them out loud or wear headphones and enjoy your favorite music without disturbing your neighbors or the rest of your family. Of course, you can search for the songs you like on music sites like YouTube and ListenOnRepeat, and make your own personal playlists, but if you don’t have the time or the desire to do so, we strongly recommend listening to our never-ending playlist, or our happy songs music box!

Good morning tips

5. Positive thinking

“Thoughts create reality” is not a cliché, but a fact that's difficult to argue with. The power of positive thinking is a power that we can, and should, utilize at any moment of the day, but in the morning it has the strongest impact. All you need to do is remind yourself, vocally or in thought alone, that you are a person with strengths and abilities that have helped you overcome great obstacles in the past and that you have many reasons to be happy and optimistic.

You can do this while you are engaged in other activities such as cooking breakfast, getting dressed, and even while exercising. You don’t have to do it regularly, but if there is a hard day ahead or you feel a sudden exhaustion in the middle of the week, you should open your day with these 14 important sentences.

6. Fast and economical beauty routine

While our beauty routine happens mostly in the morning, the concern for our external appearance continues throughout the day, so it is important to invest in it as much as possible and as early as possible. To make your morning routine as easy as possible, it is important to know how to use all our beauty products quickly and efficiently, and also to know how to deal with sudden challenges such as static hair or a product lost in the mess of your makeup drawer. You can click here to read 12 smart tips that will allow you to deal with these grooming challenges and many others so that you can leave the house looking great, and stay that way all day.

Good morning tips

7. The benefits of breakfast 

The lack of time, appetite or desire may cause many of us to skip breakfast, which is very unfortunate. There is a very good reason why it is called "the most important meal of the day" and if you have not eaten it to this day, you should start. This meal does not have to include complex recipes or even the dishes you make that day and to enjoy a satisfying and healthy breakfast you can simply warm up premade meals or take breakfast to go.

Many researchers have studied the effect of this meal on our bodies over the years, and you can click here to discover their conclusions. After reading this information you’ll probably reconsider your morning routine...


8. What you shouldn’t eat for breakfast

You may already know all the benefits of breakfast and eat it every day, but if you aren’t aware of what you shouldn’t be eating in the morning, you may be doing more harm than good... Over the years, food manufacturers have worked very hard to make ready-made or easy-to-prepare healthy breakfast foods, but unfortunately, they might not actually be as healthy as you think. If your breakfast includes cereals, pastries, fruit juices, etc., you may want to change them with healthier and lighter foods which we’ll discuss below.

Good morning tips

9. What you should eat 

Now that you’ve exercised both physically and mentally, have gotten dressed, and learned about what foods you shouldn’t eat for breakfast, it’s time to discuss what should be on your plate first thing in the morning. A healthy breakfast should consist of at least three food groups, namely, protein, carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables. Some examples of this would be this awesome breakfast bread cone, this delicious breakfast ring, or this super healthy avocado egg pizza!

10. A good morning hug to all your near and dear

The last thing, but no less important, that we advise you to do to ensure that your morning starts with a smile and a good feeling that’ll stick with you throughout the day is simply to share this feeling with the people who are close to you. Say goodbye to the whole family with a kiss and a hug, send messages to relatives you haven’t spoken to in a while, say 'good morning' and talk to your co-workers, or just drive to work calmly. Your smile and happiness will affect the environment and allow for everyone to enjoy a good morning and an amazing day with you. If you do not have ideas for greetings that’ll put a smile on all of your friend’s faces, you can click here and share a beautiful morning hug with them!

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