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The Amazing Invention That May Help Parkinson's Patients

One of the most troubling symptoms of Parkinson's disease is a tremor in the palms and it’s also one of the first symptoms to appear. The uncontrollable tremors, of course, affect the day-to-day functioning of the patient and force them to abandon important tasks and even simple everyday actions.


The physical difficulty is usually accompanied by psychological difficulty and a desire to conceal the tremors, which usually embarrasses many people with the diseases. Because of the slow progress in finding a medicinal or surgical solution to Parkinson’s, researchers have turned to new horizons and have developed a groundbreaking innovation in the field, the ‘Emma Watch’. Inside this little accessory, there is hopeful news for Parkinson’s patients and its innovations are certainly arousing curiosity and appreciation...

Emma Watch

The "Emma Watch" is actually a wristwatch that was developed following the idea that technology can be harnessed to improve human performance. The watch was revealed at the beginning of 2017 and immediately launched its gateway to fame. The solution designed by Microsoft's Innovation Research Department, run by Haiyan Zhang, is designed specifically for patients with this neurological disease and significantly reduces the hand tremors they suffer from.


The reception was dizzyingly positive and led many patients to be interested in the product. The secret behind the way the watch works is the use of small vibrating motors - similar to those in cell phones - whose function is to distract the brain from trying to control the body's limbs. The motors that make small wrist movements succeed in creating a short communication between the brain and the hand, and restraining the tremors resulting from the disease.

Emma Watch
In the video below, you can see how Emma's watch has helped graphic designer Emma Lawton – who the watch is named after - cope with Parkinson's, enabling her to write and draw again - skills she needs as a graphic designer. The impact of wearing the watch was so positive that it dissuaded the graphic designer from thinking about looking for a new career and she describes the invention as a miracle for her.
Moreover, Lawton, who began to experience muscle spasms in her legs due to the disease, said she plans on trying to wear the watch on her ankle to see if the result is positive for her lower extremities as well.
Despite the optimism surrounding the Emma Watch, its full development requires years of research before it can become available to the wider public. But despite the long wait, it is certainly possible to state that the discovery and initial findings are more encouraging and hopefully will inspire other developers to bring their knowledge and talent to this invention and others - to help people in desperate need.
image source: mashable, Microsoft
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