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11 Genius Tips You Need to Know

Everyone needs some good tips in life, whether they’re tricks to help us keep healthy or to help us raise successful and happy children. However, the most effective tips are those that seem the smallest but prove to be most useful at the right moments. It is highly recommended that the following 11 tips be engraved in your brain or at least bookmarked because they can save you from many troublesome situations. Some may actually make life easier for you and save you money - they are so creative and brilliant that even we were amazed!


1. Remove permanent marker from different surfaces

Do your kids like to scribble around the house with different markers? Some of the stains they leave can usually be erased without a problem, but others tend to be stubborn and difficult to remove - but no longer! Here’s how to get rid of permanent marker off of different surfaces:

permanent marker

•   Whiteboard: Did you accidentally use a permanent marker on a whiteboard? Just go over the writing with an erasable marker and you can easily remove all stains!
•   Tile: Your bathroom walls can easily be restored with a little toothpaste – spread and rub in a little toothpaste with a toothbrush to remove the stain quickly.
•   Wood: Soak cotton pads in rubbing alcohol and rub out that stubborn stain.
•   Marble: To rid your marble of a permanent marker masterpiece simply soak a cotton pad in acetone and rub out the stain.

fabric and carpet

•   Fabric: Did the kids scribble on their clothes? Not to worry ... soak the stained area in hand sanitizer and then absorb as much of it as possible with a cotton round. Then pour some baking soda and lemon juice over it and rub the stain with a toothbrush. Put in the washing machine and the stain will disappear!
•   Carpet: Pour rubbing alcohol on the stain and absorb as much as possible with a cotton round. Then spray the stain with hairspray and it will disappear

2. Reduce your monthly water bill

toilet tank

A great way to save money easily is to reduce your monthly bills in simple ways. For example, you can reduce your water bill by reducing the amount of water that goes down the toilet with each flush. To do this, simply flush the toilet and then place a large water bottle inside the tank, which will ultimately cause it to fill up with a smaller amount of water, resulting in a lower water bill.

3. Make a multipurpose small box

multipurpose box

This tip may seem insignificant, but this small box provides one of the most convenient ways to store objects that you don’want scattered around in your bag, such as various hygiene products, medications or headphones. Simply cut a small plastic bottle lengthwise, from its opening to the bottom, and leave the bottom intact. That’s it! Now you can close your box with the bottle cap.

4. Keeping avocados fresh


There are many tricks that help ripen avocados quickly, but after you use them you’ll want to make sure they don’t go bad just as quick. To do this you can just place it in a sealed plastic container with a piece of fennel, which will keep the avocado fresh until you decide to eat it.

5. DIY tile cleaner

tile cleaner

White tile surfaces suffer from stains that are particularly noticeable and are sometimes very difficult to remove, but with the next tip, they won’t deter you anymore. All you have to do is pour coke into a spray bottle, add a little toothpaste and shake to mix well. Then spray the ceramic surface and wipe it with a damp cloth - the stain will disappear right before your eyes!

6. DIY lens cleaner

lens cleaner

Camera lenses, including the lens on your smartphone, are very delicate and sensitive to anything that might scratch them. In addition, they are also expensive to replace, so you should take good care of them which you can do with the following trick: Take an egg with the shell and warm it over the candle until it turns black. Rub the blackened area with a cotton round and then apply toothpaste to it. Clean your lens of choice using the cotton round.


7. Fill holes in the wall without filler

toothpaste filler

This trick is so simple and genius that you have to try it the next time you remodel your home! If there is a hole in the wall that needs hiding, just fill it with a small amount of toothpaste – swipe a credit card across it to level it out, and the hole will disappear without anyone knowing the simple trick you used.

8. Create a simple tool holder

rice tool holder

The way you maintain your tools will determine how they will serve you in the future, and if you want to make sure that they don’t rust, we strongly advise you keep them in a plastic container filled with rice. The rice will absorb moisture which will prevent your tools from rusting, keeping them in excellent condition over time.

9. Remove rust from tools

coke rust remover

If your tools have already rusted and you want to restore them to their previous condition, just fill a glass that is the size of the tool with coke. Let the tools sit in it for 24 hours. After a day you can pull the tools out of the glass and see how new they look!

10. DIY kitchen sponge holder

DIY kitchen sponge holder

The only annoying thing about washing dishes is not having a place to put your sponge when it's done. To solve this problem, prepare a sponge dish using a liquid soap, shampoo, or conditioner bottle: Cut the bottom of the bottle and remove it, then cut two straight lines down the bottle. Cut from one line around the bottle to the next so that one strip of plastic is left. Cut a circle at the bottom of the strip, and now you can place it on your kitchen faucet where the wet sponge will drain directly into the sink.

11. Turn on a remote control with only one battery

metal clip battery

In this brilliant trick, you can use any kind of remote control, whether it's the TV remote or the air conditioner remote. All you have to do is leave one working battery in, and the other you can replace with a metal clip. This temporary solution can make your life much easier until you get the chance to buy new batteries.

source:5Minute Crafts / Youtube

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