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Winners from Nat Geo's 2017 Photography Competition

National Geographic has just released the results of its 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year competition, and the winning images are a fantastic representation of Mother Earth. Overall, 11,000 shots were submitted, competing in four different categories: landscapes, aerials, underwater, and wildlife.


The grand-prize winner will receive $7,500 and their winning shot will be published in the upcoming issue of National Geographic. Also, one first place winner was selected from each of the remaining three categories, all winning $2,500. These prize winners, along with some of our favorite other entries can be seen below.

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Grand Prize Winner: Face to Face in a River in Borneo by Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan
First Place Winner, Landscapes: Firefall by Karim Iliya


First Place Winner, Aerials: Rock Pool by Todd Kennedy
First Place Winner, Underwater: Fluorescent Anemone by Jim Obester
People's Choice: Game of Stars by Pedro Carrillo
People's Choice, Landscapes: Kalsoy by Wojciech Kruczynski
People's Choice, Wildlife: Great Gray Owl by Harry Collins 
People's Choice, Underwater: Drift by Matthew Smith 
People's Choice: Volcano, Vladimir Voychuk
People's Choice: Kirkjufell Spirit by Johns Tsai
People's Choice: Kayakers on the River by Karim Iliya
 The Lion in the Sea of Flowers Ge Xiao
The Big Friendly Giant by Katia Benini 
People's Choice: Fleet Departure by Kehao Tan
Lavender Waves by Ernie Black
People's Choice: Great Bear Surf Scoters by Sam Edmonds 
Central Park - Southern View by Antonio Lopez 
People's Choice: What Lies Beneath by Billy Collopy 
Highlander by Andro Loria 
Arctic Majesty by Frank Joa 
Sea and Salt by Wellington Rodrigues 
People's choice: Porcelain Crab, Marek Koszorek


H/T: boredpanda 

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