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9 Foods That Can Clean and Whiten Your Teeth

 A smile costs nothing, and if there are some shiny white teeth behind that smile, that makes it even better. People spend a fortune on dental surgeries nowadays, but there is always something close by that can easily solve your tooth problems. Below is a list of some everyday foods that can be used to help clean and whiten your teeth.
1. Cheese vs. Chewing Gum

As a great source of calcium, cheese can help you get rid of cavities. Studies have proven that pH level is very important for tooth health. Cheese helps raise the pH level and take it above 5.5, which helps reduce the risk of tooth decay.

All chewing gum does is produce saliva, which is good for teeth. Apart from that, sweet gum, in particular, can do more harm than good. People suffering from any kind of jaw pain or temporomandibular disorder symptoms are also advised to avoid chewing gum.

2. Turmeric vs. Medicines

Turmeric stains are difficult to shift, and it was a well-known dyeing agent among our ancestors, but research has proven that turmeric not only solves dental hygiene issues but also serious dental problems such as swelling of the gums, toothache, gingivitis, and periodontitis.

On the other hand, medicines only give temporary relief and can damage your teeth in the long run. Overusage of medications can give you conditions such as dry mouth, and tooth and gum problems.

3. Cucumbers vs. Lemons

It's a popular belief that lemons can help give you shiny teeth, but there is the serious side effect of losing teeth enamel due to the acidity. So what's the alternative? Cucumbers, of course!

The fiber present in cucumbers helps to massage your gums and teeth. To add to this, cucumber juice is great for those suffering from pyorrhea.

4. Strawberries vs. Strawberry Candy

Strawberries are a great tooth cleanser when mixed with baking soda. Therefore, by eating strawberries, apart from the great taste, you're also giving yourself healthy white teeth.

Strawberry candies, or any candies for that matter, should be eaten in moderation as the sugar in them can lead to cavities and tooth decay.


5. Tofu vs. Aerated Drinks

Tofu is said to be a saliva maker, thus it helps clean your teeth. It's also highly alkaline and is a good source of calcium for your teeth.

As for aerated drinks, they lead to tooth erosion, cavities, and damage the layer of enamel on your teeth.

6. Green Tea vs. Black Tea

Green tea is rich in polyphenols, which help fight plaque bacteria. It also helps to prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth, thereby stopping them from producing the acid that leads to tooth decay. It also helps get rid of bad breath.

On the other hand, black tea can stain your teeth due to its high tannin content.

7. Coconut Oil vs. Chocolate

The lauric acid present in coconut oil helps fight the tough bacteria present in your mouth, which causes bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. All you have to do is swish the oil around your mouth for 15-20 minutes, then suck the oil through your teeth slowly. Spit it out when finished.

Apart from dark chocolates, all others are to blame for tooth decay. White chocolate or milk chocolate, which has a higher sugar content than cocoa, can lead to severe cavities.

8. Celery vs. Potato Chips           

The high water content of celery makes it an excellent chew for your teeth. Celery helps to remove plaque and can cleanse the grooves between your teeth.

On the other hand, potato chips are full of starch and are, therefore, not good for your teeth. The starch can get stuck in your teeth and cause erosion.

9. Onions

They might make your breath smell, but the sulfur compounds present in them will help prevent plaque formation. All you have to do is chew on some raw onions and leave the rest to them. It is also said that rubbing some onions on your teeth can help get rid of a toothache.


Source: Brightside
Images: depositphotos

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