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Witness the Love Between Fathers and Daughters

 It's a well-known fact that fathers have a very special relationship with their daughters, especially when they're still very young. That's why the Ukrainian artist, Snezhana Soosh, decided to capture this beautiful bond in this heartwarming collection of paintings, which show everything from the most mundane everyday tasks to exciting family adventures in the great outdoors!
1. Playing a little game of hide n' seek.
2. No matter what they're doing, all great dads love spending time with their daughters.
3. Baking is always loads more fun when you're not alone.
4. A father's concerns start from a very young age.
5. No matter how old your child is, they always seem to grow up far too quickly.
6. If dad's the ship, then she's the captain!
7. Getting your kids to share your interests may not always go as planned...
8. Some life lessons have to be learnt at a young age.
9. No cradle can top a father's loving embrace.
10. Good fathers take care of more than just their children.
11. Getting burnt just so that she can rest in comfort.
12. It's never easy telling your kid that you're going away, even if it's just for a short while.
13. This is what bliss can look like...
14. Trying to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders is no easy task.
15. One big happy family!
16. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...


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Sources:  boredpandavskafandre, instagram

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