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DIY Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

 There really is no way around it - Christmas just simply wouldn't be the same without a tree! However, if you're looking for something a little different this year, then why not give some of these alternative tree ideas a go? All of them can be made from the comfort of your own home, and here are some of our favorites:
1. Wrapping Paper Tree
Image courtesy of A Little Tipsy
Put all of your extra wrapping paper to good use this year, and make yourself a fancy DIY tree!
2. Word Tree
Image courtesy of The Wow Style
Getting your kids to write their favorite festive quote or verse onto a blank canvas makes for the perfect Christmas decoration.
3. Flower Tree
Image courtesy of The Wow Style
You can make this lovely feminine Christmas tree simply by pinning some beautiful paper flowers onto a foam cone.
4. Napkin Tree
Image courtesy of The Wow Style
Simply follow the instructions above to create the most festive napkin display ever!
5. Craft Stick Trees
Image courtesy of Momtastic
By gluing some cheap craft sticks onto some foam cones you'll be able to create these great-looking little trees.
6. Wooden Pallet Tree
Image courtesy of The Wow Style
Give this a try and enjoy a rustic take on the traditional Christmas tree.
7. Dress Tree
Image courtesy of Style Estate
Any aspiring fashionistas should give this wonderful idea a shot. Simply wrap tinsel and decorations around a mannequin's wire skirt to give it and trendy yet festive look.
8. Hanging Tree
Image courtesy of The Wow Style
By using these simple tools and decorations, you'll be able to create this very avant-garde floating tree.
9. Pipe Tree
Image courtesy of Martha Stewart
Get your hand on different sizes of PVC pipes and get decorating!
10. Wooden Tree
Image courtesy of Deko
If you're handy with a saw, then all you need to do is to saw some plywood into the shape of a Christmas tree and stick them together.
11. Literature Tree

Image courtesy of The Family Sponge

If you've got a load of books that you're not planning to read over the holidays, then simply stack them up in one big pile, and wrap them with lights, tinsel, or both!
12. String Tree

Image courtesy My Poppet Makers

Tack some string on the wall in a way which makes it look like a Christmas tree, and then decorate it to your heart’s content!
13. Wire Trees

Image courtesy of The Wow Style

These fancy decorations can be made by spiraling some wire around tea lights. They'll help you create the perfect Christmas ambiance.
14. Wooden Dowel Tree

Image courtesy of Etsy

Hate having pine needles all over your floor? Then ditch your traditional Christmas tree, and try making one out of wooden dowels instead.
15. Wooden Pole Tree

Image courtesy of The Jubiltree Company

Making a tree out of tinsel and wooden poles is a fresh new idea for anyone who's fed up with putting up the same old tree year after year!
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