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Grandfather's Library - A Moving Story about Life

 Thanks to the Internet, television, computers, and smartphones, it's much easier for us to be exposed to the happenings of the world and an endless selection of content, but does this come at the expense of experiences in the real world? The grandfather in the next story didn’t think so, and he knew exactly what to tell his young grandson to get him out of the house and to start living his life to the full. This story will teach you how to live a happy life, so pass it on to all your friends so that they too can embrace the moral of the story and experience as many unforgettable moments as possible throughout their lives.


Grandpa John had a huge collection of books which he accumulated over the years and stored in his vast home library. Almost every weekend, his grandson, Adam, would come to visit and would sit for hours in his library rifling through the books. Both Adam’s parents and grandpa were very pleased with this, but once Adam started spending a little too much time in the library they grew worried.


Grandpa John decided to do something about it, and on one of the days when his grandson came to visit, he went into the library and asked him: 

“My dear grandson, please tell me why you enjoy spending so much time in my library.

Adam thought for a few seconds while examining his grandfather’s huge library, and he finally answered:

“I love that I’m always comfortable here, that I can pick any book I want and that there is always something new for me to read. I love that I can go on amazing adventures all without leaving this room. 

“Well,” answered John,” books are a wonderful thing. They keep the mind sharp and the heart warm. They taught me many new things, made me laugh, and have taken me on far way adventures…..”


“But if I don’t go out and use this knowledge, I won’t have really gained anything from them. Despite what you think about books having everything you need, the world outside this room is filled with wonders that cannot be described with words…”

Go out and discover the world, soon you’ll realize that the best book ever written is that of your life. It is a book which you can fill with all that you love. No matter how many wonderful books you read in my library, I promise you that the stories you’ll write will be much more important, special, and insightful.”


After his conversation with Grandpa John, Adam continued to read, but not at his grandfather’s library. He would read after playing with his friends, while preparing the first romantic meal for his girlfriend, and later, he read while traveling the world with her.


When Adam finally settled down and got married, he built a large bookshelf in his house in memory of his grandfather John. The first book which he placed in it was the diary he wrote throughout his travels. He knew that one day, he’d want his children’s and grandchildren’s books placed right next to it. books

We can’t let ourselves settle for information we gain indirectly. T.V programs, computer games, and even books will never replace the wonderful endless world that awaits us just past the library door.

Go out into the big world and start writing your book!

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