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20 Hilarious Wedding Photobombs

 Everybody loves a good photobomb, but when the event is something exceptionally important, such as wedding, photobombs tend to be even more hilarious than usual. From cows making babies to groomsmen falling into the ocean, here are some of the most sidesplitting wedding photobombs you'll ever see:
1. You may kiss the owl...
2. All eyes on the llama.
3. Perhaps they chose the wrong beach for this photoshoot.
4. This guy couldn't look happier if he tried!
5. Looks like someone's feeling like a sourpuss!
6. What on Earth is the pastor doing back there?
7. This couldn't have ended well at all...
8. The perfect place for a snooze.
9. Hi there!
10. Love is in the air!
11. Don't mind me, guys!
12. Oops!
13. Man overboard!
14. It looks like someone's terrified of getting married next...
15. The look on their faces is absolutely priceless!
16. I sincerely hope he was just arranging his glasses.
17. Even the Royal Family isn't immune to photobombs.
18. Wrong place, wrong time!
19. Oh dear...
20. Couldn't he at least have stood behind the bush?



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