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Sleep Like a Baby Using These 3 Oils!

 I've suffered from sleep problems for many years, and believe me when I say I've tried quite a few tricks and treatments to deal with the problem. Nothing seemed to work, but I've finally discovered a secret that helps me sleep like a baby. Surprisingly, the solution has nothing to do with my sleeping position, my mattress quality, or my dietary habits, and I must admit that at first, I was a bit skeptical about it working. But it turns out that a mixture of very simple aromatic oils can greatly contribute to your quality of sleep, and surprisingly the most effective way to use it is to apply it to your feet! Why on the feet? How are these mixtures prepared, and why is it so effective? These are questions I also asked myself and below I’ll answer them for you so that you can enjoy nights of quality uninterrupted sleep.

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Benefits of a calming oil foot rub before bedtime 
The skin on our feet has very large pores, making them the perfect area to apply aromatic oils that the body can absorb. In addition, the feet also have pressure points and many massage areas that affect various organs in the body. A wide range of massage therapists in areas such as reflexology use these points, but you do not have to be an expert to give yourself a short, soothing massage that will help your skin absorb the oils.
Preparing the oil mixture:
In order to make the mixture that will help you improve your sleep quality significantly, you only need 3 ingredients:
• 10 drops of lavender oil
• 10 drops of chamomile oil
• About 100 ml of magnesium oil
1. Pour all ingredients into a spray bottle and gently shake.
2. Keep the bottle in a dark and cool place if possible. 
3. Spray the mixture on your feet after getting into bed, gently massage them until the liquid is absorbed and go to sleep.

This mixture should be sufficient for 24 to 48 uses, depending on the amount sprayed in each use.

essential oils

How do these oils improve quality of sleep?

Magnesium oil: The mineral magnesium is the fourth most common in the body and the second most common in body cells. It has many functions that include, among other things, helping the blood and heart system to function, regulating blood sugar levels, maintaining bone structure and two actions that are closely related to our sleep: relaxing the muscles and relieving stress and emotional pressure. Thanks to all these, magnesium oil contributes greatly to improving the quality of sleep.

Lavender oil: This aromatic oil is extracted from the purple blossoms of the lavender plant, and many consider it one of the best oils for body care and treatment of various cosmetic problems. Researchers have already concluded, based on previous studies, that the scent of lavender is sufficient to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, thereby contributing to improved sleep quality. In addition to using this oil in your mixture, you can also add a drop or two of it on your pillow before bedtime.

Chamomile oil: This oil is produced from chamomile flowers and has a wide range of health properties, from the treatment of stress to muscle pain due to its anti-inflammatory components. Because of the chamomile plant’s calming effect, the oil produced from it is recommended for use when suffering from anxiety and insomnia.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate that this method worked for me, but it's far from being the only treatment option. I've heard of quite a few people who only drank chamomile tea a few hours before bedtime, or only put lavender in their rooms and still fell asleep like babies. I’m not ruling out any of these methods but this mixture of oils is the solution that managed to get rid of the insomnia and fatigue that haunted me for years. Try it yourself and you may finally get that uninterrupted relaxing night of sleep you’ve been hoping for. Good night!

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