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The Stunning Embroidery Work of Krista Decor

 Embroidery is a delicate form of art. It requires accuracy and patience as well as a steady hand and an eye for detail. Below is the phenomenal work of Russian artist Krista Decor, who takes things to the next level by choosing to stitch her intricate designs onto a delicate fabric called tulle. Tulle is a lightweight netting that is so fine, it's almost transparent. Krista's work looks as though the embroidery is suspended in mid-air.
When working with embroidery, Krista predominantly focuses on floral and animalistic ornament. "When creating the decor I use flat and voluminous embroidery which requires materials such as woollen yarn and cotton thread, beads, pearls, natural stones, gimp, embroidery with straw and silk ribbon. When combining these materials, a new design is born." To see more of her beautiful work, check out her Instagram page
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