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Why Do Some People Get Bitten More By Mosquitoes?

  Mosquitoes aren’t creatures that any of us are particularly fond of, and what’s more is that they transmit illnesses such as Zika and West Nile virus, as well as having bites itchy enough to make us lose our minds. Some of us are more prone to being bitten than others, but no-one quite seems to know why. Don’t fret, however – all that’s about to change:


Did you know?

• Although there are well over 3,000 species of mosquito found throughout the world today, only about 200 of them actually bite humans. 
• Only the females bite 
• They proliferate as the weather begins to get warmer and their eggs begin to hatch. 
• They like being around bodies of water such as ponds, lakes or even puddles. 
• Hot, humid, damp and swamp places are usually full of mosquitoes. 


Why are you more attractive to mosquitoes than others?

Mosquitoes have an incredible sense of smell, but rely on color for their vision. Carbon dioxide is highly attractive to them, and if you happen to be on the larger side in terms of your bodyweight, they could be attracted to you due to the increased volume of the stuff that you exhale relative to a person that weighs less.

Carbon dioxide is also present in high quantities following exercise or after consuming alcohol. This is because your metabolism is boosted, instantly making you a target. However, there’s also a genetic component to whether you get bitten or don’t – natural body odor also comes into play.


Another factor contributing to how much you get bitten is the presence of certain scents on the surface of the skin. Lactic acid, uric acid and bacteria are loved by mosquitoes.

If you don’t get bitten much, it could mean that you’re one of the lucky ones who give off a natural scent that actually repels mosquitoes. Last but not least, the color of your clothing can also have a bearing on whether you get bitten or not. Colors that blend in with light will keep them away, however dark colors or red will attract their attention.


How do I keep mosquitoes away?

• Get rid of stagnant water 
• Keep any lawns or patches of grass at home trimmed short
• Don’t go too long in between showers or baths 
• Wear thick clothing and keep colors light 
• Use bug or mosquito repellent 
• Stay indoors at sunrise or sunset 
• Try citronella and peppermint products to combat them


How do I treat mosquitoes at home?

The itching caused by mosquito bites is maddening, but you can try ice to reduce swelling and relieve some of the itchiness. Tea tree oil and organic apple cider vinegar are also great ideas, because they both help with redness, swelling and itching.

Essential oils are also excellent for getting rid of itchiness. Try lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint mixed with a carrier oil to get rid of the itching in a flash. You can even try bathing in oatmeal, as well as applying aloe vera, honey or baking soda paste.

Now you’re prepared to beat the pesky bloodsuckers and keep them from ruining your outdoor fun!

BONUS - Watch this video to find out more about why mosquitoes prefer some people to others:

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