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12 of the Most Useful Websites Ever

 The internet truly is an astounding place if used for the right reasons, as you can find so many things that help make our lives a great deal easier. However, many of the most useful ones aren't always the most well-known. Luckily, we've come across plenty of wonderful websites, and below you'll find 12 of the handiest ones around, that you'll find yourself coming back to again and again.
1. Get Free WiFi from Global Airports and Lounges
Make sure you're never stuck without a WiFi password again! This brilliant website will provide you with the login information for most of the world's major airlines, as well as some select lounges around the globe. The best news is that it's completely free of charge! Try it here.
2. Get the Musical Chords for Any Song
This one's perfect for any professional or aspiring musicians, since you can get chords for practically any song you can imagine. Simply copy and paste any song or video that you find on YouTube, and let Chordify work its magic! Give it a try here.
3. Get Recipes for Ingredients in Your Fridge
Have you got a load of random ingredients in your fridge that you've no idea what to do with? If so, then this site is just what you need. Simply add your list of ingredients, and MyFridgeFood will tell you exactly what you can make with them. Discover tonight's recipe here.
4. Find Out How Long Until Food Perishes
"Is that chicken still any good?" is an age-old question, which is frequently answered incorrectly, since guess-work is far from the most effective method of preventing food-borne illnesses. Instead, try using stilltasty.com, which will let you know how long most common ingredients can stay edible for, both in their fresh and frozen states. Try it out here.
5. Calculate and Compare the Cost of Living
Thinking of going to live in another country? Numbeo will easily help you work out whether your available cash and lifestyle will allow you to live like a prince or a pauper. Give it a try here.
6. Listen to Radio Stations Across the Planet
Do all your local radio stations broadcast nothing but noise and advertisements? This problem can be easily solved by logging onto Radio Garden, where you'll be able to access countless radio stations from all over the planet. Find a radio station that understands you here.
7. Discover How Long It Takes to Read Any Book
Have you ever looked at a book and thought to yourself, "Wow, that's a lot of pages!" Well, now you no longer need to simply guess how long it'll take you to read a book by simply measuring its width. Instead, head on down to howlongtoreadthis.com and get an accurate and personalized time frame, which will easily help you gauge what book you should read next, based on your free time available. Try it for free here.
8. Get Exercises and Stretches for Any Muscle Group
Looking to get in shape, but not sure where to start? Then MuscleWiki is just what you need! Simply click on a body part, and you'll receive a detailed list of stretches and exercises that'll get your body in shape in no time at all! Your fitness journey begins here.
9. Find Similar Artists and Musicians Based on Your Favorites
Are you tired of listening to the same old songs over again and again? Then give Music Map a try, as it'll help you discover a whole range of bands and musicians, based on what you currently like listening to. Begin your journey of musical discovery here.
10. Find Out What Your Optimal Bedtime Is
You'll never lose out on a single one of your forty winks again, thanks to this simple and innovative website. Sleepyti.me allows you to calculate precisely when to go to sleep, based on the time you're planning to wake up. It even works the other way around, if you decide that you'll be going to sleep immediately. Give it a shot tonight, by clicking here.
11. Learn How to Glue Any Two Materials Together
Here's one for all the craft-lovers around the world. This handy website will tell you exactly what kind of adhesive you should use to stick any two materials together. Try out ThisToThat here.
12. Create the Perfect Background Noise to Relax or Boost Productivity
Ambient noise has been found to help people relax, as well as boost both productivity and creativity. Noisli is a fantastic website that'll help you create the perfect mix to help you get anything done, and includes plenty of soothing sounds, such as whistling wind or a campfire crackling. Create a mix that works for you right here.


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