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Keep This Plant Away from Your Dog!

 If you have a dog and a yard, chances are that your dog spends a lot of time out there. It’s nice to let your dog spend a lot of time outside, and when the weather isn’t suitable for long walks, it’s nice to be able to let your dog blow off some steam for a few minutes.


However, there’s a new dog killer that is on the rise and it could be living in your backyard. This potential killer is foxtail grass, and it’s mostly found in the Western half of the United States. This grass-like weed can cause severe damage to a dog’s skin, nose, eyes, feet, and stomach. The most dangerous parts are the seed awns.


These tiny seeds don’t get broken down by your dog’s body, so once embedded, your beloved friend might develop a serious infection. The seeds won’t ever work their way out, like a splinter in a human hand or foot would. In fact, if anything, the seeds will go deeper and deeper into the dog’s body. This can lead to a situation so serious, that if not treated, can lead to death.

These seeds are extremely hard to find, especially if your dog has a long and thick coat. Therefore, the best way to prevent your dog from getting any seeds embedded in them is to clear your yard completely of foxtail grass.


Furthermore, keep an eye out for foxtail grass when you take your dogs on walks or to the park. Foxtail grass can be found anywhere, including along sidewalks and roads, in fields, and around mailboxes, fire hydrants, and lampposts. 

If you find that your dog has some foxtail seeds embedded in them, use tweezers to carefully remove them. However, if they are too deeply embedded, or if the area is red and swollen, call your vet straight away.

If you want to know what behavior to lookout for and other ways to prevent foxtail seeds from becoming a serious issue for your dog, head on over to WEBMD by clicking here.


Source: tiphero
Images: depositphotos


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