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8 Shopping Tricks That Will Save You Money

 While it may be a shop's job to make money, it is our job to keep it in our pockets. Below are 8 insider secrets shops do to make you spend more - from hidden codes on price tags that reveal if things will be on sale shortly, to abandoning shopping baskets - here's how you can save more. 
secrets about shopping

1. Decipher hidden discount codes on store price tags

Store tags can reveal a great deal of information. In preparation for sales, staff scribble numbers, letters or dots on price tags. If you notice these markings on a full-price item that you want to buy, hold off as this usually means that the item is about to be reduced. Some shops use a code system like B14, G4, P7, S13. While this may seem hard to decipher, all you have to do is ignore the letters. What you are left with is just a number, for example, 13, which will generally be the price this item is going down to. Pencil markings generally appear within a week of the item going down. 

2. Keep an eye on shop layouts

In clothes shops, rather than selling things by categories, such as jeans and tops, they arrange clothes by color or this season's look. This technique is designed to drag you deeper into the store. But, a few days before a sale, the shop is reorganized into sections by garments. If you notice shop assistants fiddling with the racks, wait before purchasing. 

3. Watch out for prices ending in 7, 8 or 1

In large electrical shops, they sometimes use price codes to secretly communicate to staff which models need to be shifted quickly to make way for new stock. Most prices tend to end in 9 or 0, so if you see one ending in 7 or 8, this usually means that the model has been discounted. If it ends in 1, the item is often old clearance stock. 

4. Abandon online shopping baskets

Shopping online? Browse through the site then abandon your shopping basket. Some online shops may send you a discount on your items. To do so, first sign in or sign up for an account (otherwise they won't know who you are). Then, pop something in your basket - the higher the value, the bigger the discount. Bear in mind that they can always send you a $25 off $100 code when you're only hoping to spend $50. Then, leave the site and close the window. Soon after, check your email account, you may find a code or an offer, then log back in and use the code - but check your basket first, removing anything unwanted before checking out. 

secrets about shopping

5. Many high street shops give 10% off just for asking

Don't feel embarrassed about asking for a discount - it's actually built into some shops' official policies. So next time you are at a high-street store, try your luck and see what offer they may give you. 


6. Discover the best day to bag deals

If you found something you want to buy online, try to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday, then check out the Discount Vouchers page again. The third most popular day is Monday. 

7. You have 28 days to return goods bought online

Are you aware of your online consumer rights? The regulations stipulate that you can cancel an order within 14 days of arrival for any reason. You then have another 14 days to send it back. Be sure to email them before the first 14 days are up.  

8. Shops can often override the need for a receipt

If you've purchased faulty goods, you need to prove you purchased them to be able to get a refund. While the receipt is the norm, other legit records such as a bank statement should be fine. So next time you've lost your receipt, try this method instead - you might get lucky. 



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