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6 Tips For Women Getting the Most From Life After 60

 Many women that reach the age of 60 feel a sense of uncertainty about their future, but life after 60 can also be the most rewarding and fulfilling time of all. Roles and responsibilities change with time, but this allows for a fresh canvas to be painted once again. Here are 6 ways to make the most of life after you turn 60:

1. Take Care of Your Body and Health

Reaching the age of 60 has long been considered the start of a time of inevitably physical and mental decline, but that no longer has to be the case. Nowadays, people are living longer and have a better quality of life than they ever did. There’s no denying that the body changes after we reach that milestone age, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot keep up and even improve our fitness.


A great technique that you can use to get fit is the “one minute” technique. All you need to do is set yourself a ridiculously simply goal, such as walking for one minute, and gradually increasing your commitment. Speak to your doctor prior to starting a new exercise condition in order to ensure you’re doing exercise that’s suitable to your overall health condition and lifestyle.

2. Build a New Relationship with Money

Although reaching this milestone age should herald the start of a time in which we enjoy the fruits of our labor, there are many of us who are still worrying about how they’re going to pay the next bill. If you’re in financial difficulty or feel like your money isn’t working for you, it’s time to consider making some changes.

The obvious place to start is to look at your expenses to see what you can cut down on. You can also think about downsizing your home if you need to. Being 60 and over should definitely be a time to enjoy your money, but just make sure you have enough to last you, as you’re likely to live much longer than women of previous generations. You can also consider finding ways of making extra money.


3. Develop New Relationships

Many women over 60, even ones that are married or have a partner, fear being alone. For single women of this age and over, they wonder whether they’ll ever find love again. Those who are with a partner fear being alone after they pass away.


If you haven’t been lucky enough to build a solid support system of friends throughout your life, now is the time to start doing it. This is because these people will be the ones to help keep you happy and healthy for the rest of your life. Explore your hobbies with like-minded people and make a point to do at least one social activity per day.


4. Understand and Accept Your Body Image

Society continues to propagate stereotypes of people who are in their 60s or older being invisible, unstylish or not interested in sex, and anti-aging ads with 30-year-old models posing as “older” women are all over our TV screens. Nevertheless, we gain wisdom with age, and also become more comfortable in our own skin.

Being at peace with our appearance after 60 is a balancing act. On the one hand, there are few of us who don’t have a desire to keep looking great by wearing great clothes, taking care of our skin and keeping in good physical shape, but on the other, we must always remember to be kind to ourselves, and remember that beauty is both internal and external.

5. Find New Ways to Relate to Your Food

You should make a conscious effort toward finding new ways to related to the food you eat. You can do so by considering the source of your food. Is there a farmer’s market close to where you live? Is it a possibility for you to grow organic vegetables in your own garden, or can you have a window-box that you can use to grow herbs in?


You should also avoid unconscious eating, such as eating when you’re in front of the TV. Be deliberate and thoughtful about every bite of food that’s on your plate. Shop with care and think about portion sizes, but remember to treat yourself every now and again. Consider eating as naturally and as organic as you possibly can to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

6. Make More Friends

Feeling isolated doesn’t have to be a way of life just because you’re getting older. Be proactive about your social life, and reach out to those who share your interests. Nurture your circle of girlfriends and become the group’s “event organizer” if needed.

You could even consider hosting a regular dinner party, coffee circle, book club or outdoor activity group. Another interesting thing you can do is open up the doors to your home to backpackers and international visitors using sites like AirBnb.

Last but not least, if you compliment people, stay positive and be grateful, the blessing of friendship will definitely come into your life.


Content source: Sixty and Me

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