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A Fantastic DIY Carpet Cleaner

Commercial carpet deodorizers are fantastic at getting a bad smell out of carpets, but the heavy perfume fragrance can cause allergic reactions, headaches, and dermatitis. Luckily, making your own is pretty easy, and it can be customized to a scent that you like.
Materials Needed
• Empty cheese shaker of other shakeable container
• ½ to 1 cup baking soda
• ½ to 1 cup fresh, unbrewed coffee grounds
• 30 drops of essential oil (your choice)
• Black salt (optional)


1. Clean out an empty carpet powder box isn’t the best choice, as it will already be saturated with a chemical smell.

2. Place ½ to 1 cup of baking soda into the container, depending on the size of the carpet that you want to deodorize.

3. Add 30 drops of any essential oil to the baking soda, customizing the scent to what you like. You can use as many different essential oils as you like.

4. Stir it all together until the baking soda absorbs the oil and breaks up.

5. Add 1 teaspoon of black salt to bless your home (optional).

6. Add ½ to 1 cup of fresh, unbrewed coffee grounds, making it a 50/50 mix with the baking soda.

7. Stir and/or shake it well until the mixture has blended completely. Shake the mixture out onto your carpet, let it sit for 15 minutes, the vacuum it up.  

Source: hometalk

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