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15 Photos That'll Make You Change Your Perspective

 It's almost impossible not to feel a profound sense of wonder when thinking about just how many surreal and unusual things there are in our world. It doesn't matter if you're sitting inside the quietest room on the planet, or if you're exploring a castle built inside a cave, there's always something new and exciting to discover. No matter what your age is, we're sure that plenty of the following photos will impress you!
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1. Aerogel: a completely synthetic material comprised of 99.9% air.
2. A cheetah attacking a drone as it flies past.
3. An impressive view of a station in the Stockholm subway.


4. This fingerprint-shaped building was planned for development in Thailand.
5. These families decided to build their homes on top of an eight-storey shopping mall.
6. This spectacular portrait was created using nails and just one unbroken black thread.
7. An architect's rendition of a proposed underwater tennis stadium in Dubai.
8. Many baby black rhinos view their armed guards as family members, since they improve their quality of life whilst protecting them from poachers.
9. Slovenia's Predjama Castle, partly built within the mouth of a cave.
10. Trains carrying tons of coal through Virginia, USA.
11. This iconic Chinese aperture is known as Heaven's Gate.
12. This door can withstand nuclear explosions of up to 30 megatons.
13. An American radio-controlled truck and its driver.
14. This anti-echo chamber is the quietest place on Earth, where you can even hear the blood flowing through your head.
15. A French machine gun post, dating from World War II.

Source: brightside
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