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17 Cute Photographs of Rats

 Diane Ozdamar has been taking pictures of pet rats for years hoping to break the negative image that is often associated with these adorable creatures.


Below are some of her photographs, both of her rats and her friends’ rats and, as you’re about to see, they are far from being dirty and nasty monsters. Rats are actually highly intelligent and social beings that love interacting with each other and their favorite humans. They’re friendly, playful, smart, love cuddles, and are very clean. In fact, many rat owners compare them to tiny dogs.

Diane made the little accessories (apart from the little black hat) so they wouldn’t constrain the rats: they could remove them easily, although they didn’t bother them most of the time as they were quite cool and relaxed. None of these cute animals were harmed during the photoshoots.  

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The Sweetest Pillow (Herjan)
Herjan and His Fancy Hat
There's No Rabbit in the Hat (Heimdall)
Yaaaawn! (Arkanys)


Polka Dots (Kjalarr)
What's This? (Thjazi)
Bloody Strawberry (Lysander)
Spring Time (Tjall)
Tiny Boat (Taz)
Christmas Nap Time (Feirefiz) 
May I Eat All the Grapes Now? (Hepha)
Valentine's Day (Arkanys and Lorich) 
Trust Me, I'm a Daisy (Tjall)
Ho! Ho! Ho! (Fenrir) 
Kiwi or Strawberry? That is the Question (Blue Suede Shoes) 
The Ballerina (Fenrir) 
Brothers Enjoying a Snack (Izumi, Lysander, and Kaelan) 

H/T:  boredpanda

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