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5 Laundry Secrets You Must Try

 If there's one chore I'd rather do away with, it's the laundry. But, with these little-known yet effective tips, I've been able to achieve outstanding washing results. So, next time you've got a load to do, bear these tips in mind:
1. Loading the washing machine
laundry secrets

For best results, load the machine to 80% of its capacity. Filling the washing machine too much won't wash your load properly. While putting too little, might cause damage to your clothes.
2. Water temperature
laundry secrets
For best results, wash your load at 104-140°F, this will disinfect the linen and will remove the dirt. Washing in cold water doesn't destroy the bacteria and dust mites on bed sheets and towels, while hot water can damage the fabrics. 
3. Washing aids
laundry secrets
Conditioners tend to build up in the fabric and may make towels rigid. Use white vinegar instead. Simply add 3oz during rinsing to make the linen soft and remove traces of powder.
4. Removing stains
laundry secrets
• Get rid of fresh oil stains by sprinkling them with artificial sweetener (such as Sweet 'n Low or Splenda, though any brand will do) or starch, then simply wash the item.
• Remove traces of tomato juice or sauce easily by adding a few drops of WD-40, applying it to the stain and leaving it for 5 to 10 minutes, then washing the item in cold water.
• Eliminate sweat stains from white items by using a prewash with a washing agent at 104°F. Then run a wash cycle with bleach.
• Remove coffee and wine stains by soaking the clothes in a water and salt solution, combing 1 tablespoon per 34 oz of water, for one hour. When done, wash the items.
• Get rid of yellowing on white clothes, or remove unpleasant smells by using baking soda. Add half a measuring cup of baking soda to the washing powder or household soap and wash the items in hot water. 
5. Drying
laundry secrets
Preferably, your laundry should be dried outdoors, exposing it to sunlight. If using the dryer, put a tennis ball inside the drum, making your towels soft and fluffy. 
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