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A Comprehensive Guide to Using ListenOnRepeat

 ListenOnRepeat is a great new website that I'm sure will turn into your online musical hub. Here's a complete guide to this fantastic site that will help you build a memorable sound track to your life, while keeping track of the latest music and all of your favorite artists:
What Is It?
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ListenOnRepeat was created in order to capture the music that people listen to on repeat, and store it as the original soundtrack to their lives.
How Do I Use It?
 listenonrepeat guide how to use listenonrepeat
Simply log on to YouTube, and search for your favorite song. Once you’ve found the video you want, replace the “youtube” in the URL (the web address) with “listenonrepeat”. When you do that, your web browser will be redirected to the ListenOnRepeat website, which will tell you more about your song of choice. In addition, you’ll also be provided with links to other artists related to the song you selected.
Search Bar
 listenonrepeat guide how to use listenonrepeat
You can use the search bar at the top of the ListenOnRepeat website to search for a video of your choice.
Video Stats and Controls (Left to Right)
 listenonrepeat guide how to use listenonrepeat
In addition to the standard controls that are part of the YouTube window, there is a series of ListenOnRepeat stats and controls that you can avail yourself of just underneath.

1. Global Repeats

This tells you how many times the particular video you’re watching has been re-played by people around the world.

2. Your Repeats

This tells you how many times you’ve re-played an individual video since you started using the ListenOnRepeat site.

3. Add to playlist

You can create your very own ListenOnRepeat playlist by adding the video that you’re watching to a new playlist.

4. Heart Video

This is like the Facebook like button (or BabaMail heart button!). Simply push it when watching a given video to show the world your approval.

5. Change Start/Stop Points

If you find the introduction or ending to a song annoying or upsetting in some way, you can select where it starts and ends when you choose to play it on the ListenOnRepeat site. When you click on the control’s icon, you’ll be presented with a slider bar with two pink circles that represent the start and end points of the song. Simply slide the pink circles along the bar in order to set the start and end points for the song.

listentorepeat guide: How to use listenonrepeat website

6. Share

Simply click the share button to share a song to Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Artist Radio

 listenonrepeat guide to choosing artist
In the Artist Radio section of the site, you’ll be able to play the video you just selected on YouTube and view a bar underneath that features related artists. Scrolling further down on the Artist Radio page, you’ll discover a series of tiles that serve as an extension of the related artists immediately underneath the video window.
Discover Music
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The Discover Music section will show you what music is currently trending. In other words, you’ll get to see what other people are listening to via a series of big tiles that fill your computer screen. In addition to being able to play the videos showcased in the tiles, you’ll also be able to see how many times people have “repeated” (or played) a song, as well how many times the song has been “hearted” by other ListenOnRepeat users.
 listenonrepeat guide how to use listenonrepeat
The Hearted section simply keeps track of all the videos that you’ve given a heart (or a like) to. This allows you to keep track of all the songs you’ve enjoyed listening to while on the ListenOnRepeat site.
 listenonrepeat guide how to use listenonrepeat
Refer back to your most recent songs via the history section.
 listenonrepeat guide how to use listenonrepeat
The Playlist section gives you two different options for storing your favorite music in easy-to-use lists. The first is an instruction to click the Add to Playlist button when viewing a video, and the second is to create a new, blank playlist for adding songs to at a later time.
Search Results
 listenonrepeat guide how to use listenonrepeat

View a list of search results pertaining to the query that you entered into the search bar at the top of the ListenOnRepeat website.

Contact Us

Contact the ListenOnRepeat staff via this section.

About Us

Find out more about the ListenOnRepeat website via this section.

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