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When Should You Change Your Bed Sheets?

 Nothing beats the feeling you get when you put fresh bed sheets on your bed. The smell, the crispness, the knowledge that you’re going to have a phenomenal night’s sleep – it’s just amazing.
There’s just one problem though, and that’s actually changing the sheets. It seems like a relatively simple task, but it’s not until you have stripped down the bed, and put one of the new pillow cases on that you come to realize that you just cannot be bothered to complete the task. As a result, the majority of us just end up leaving it for weeks on end.

However, Philip Tierno, a microbiologist from New York University, states that your sheets should be changed once a week as the bacteria and fungus that will start to form in every small fold can make you ill, should they be left to linger.


It’s estimated that we spend around a third of our lives in bed and during that time, we sweat an estimated 26 gallons, with this moisture being ideal for bacteria and fungi. In fact, a recent study found that samples of pillows that were 1.5 to 20 years old contained up to 16 species of fungus. Furthermore, these pillows were full of dust, pollen, and feces from dust mites. 

Even if you don’t usually suffer from allergies, you can still have an allergic reaction.

Tierno declares that “just like Rome over time was buried with the debris that falls from gravity, gravity is what brings all that material into your mattress. If you touched dog poo in the street, you’d want to wash your hands. Consider that analogous to your bedding. If you saw what was there – but of course you don’t see it – after a while you have to say to yourself, ‘Do I want to sleep in that?”

Disgusting isn’t it? As a result of our faces being so close to our beds for large periods of time, we leave ourselves open to unsightly reactions, which of course is not ideal. So, if you haven’t changed your bed sheets in over a week, best get to it!

Source: ladbible
Images: depositphotos

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