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5 Secrets For Caring For Your Hands

 Your hands generally give away your age a lot quicker than your face. But with proper care, and this handy advice, your hands will keep your age hidden for longer. 
Wash your hands correctly
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Too much soap can make your hands dry and flaky, so keep these essential tips in mind:

• Don't use antibacterial soap unless absolutely necessary. Opt for a moisturizing soap instead, such as one with jojoba oil, olive oil or aloe vera.
• Wash your hands with warm, but not hot water - this will help preserve the natural protective layer. 
• As opposed to electric dryers, opt for paper towels instead. 

Wear gloves
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Hands are constantly affected by external factors such as cold, chemicals and dry air. To minimize the damage to your skin, wear gloves as follows:

• Use leather, fur gloves or mittens for cold weather.
• Wear rubber or latex gloves for household chores - washing the dishes, mopping floors, cleaning the bathtub etc.
• Use cloth gloves for gardening.

Moisten your hands regularly
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A good hand cream is as crucial as soap or shampoo. Keep these tips in mind:

• Apply the cream as needed, though no less than twice a day. If your hands are dry, keep hand cream by the sink and apply it after every time you wash your hands. 
• Moisturize your nails, and purchase a vitamin E cream for the cuticles. 
• Be sure to drink plenty of water.
• When the air is dry, turn on the humidifier.

Remember to scrub
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Your hands need scrubbing and masks at least once a week:

• Make a hand mask from the products you have in your fridge. Mix half an avocado, an egg yolk and a tablespoon of lemon juice, applying it to your hands and letting it rest for 20 minutes. 
• Use a mix of olive oil and sugar as a scrub.
• If using a body scrub, apply that to your hands. 

Use sunscreen

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Hyperpigmentation can make your hands look older than your age. But this does not occur due to aging or liver dysfunction, but rather, the effect of the sun. To avoid pigment spots do the following: 
• Regularly apply sunscreen to your hands.
• Citrus fruits are a good natural 'whitener,' so make a mask out of 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp milk, and 1 tsp honey. 
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