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These Dogs Are Too Weird For Words!

 Even the greatest dog lovers have to admit that our canine friends can often act a bit weird. Just like us humans, every dog has its own unique personality, as well as its fair share of good days and bad days. Below you'll find 20 incredibly funny pictures of dogs in the strangest of situations, which are bound to make you laugh!
1. I was trying to enjoy a nice hot bath when this happened...
2. Just my neighbor's dog defying the laws of gravity. Nothing unusual here.
3. Don't mind me, I'm just hanging around.
4. I'm pretty sure this isn't normal.
5. My friend witnessed an attempted kidnapping at the pet grooming spa!
6. There's simply nowhere a running start can't get you.
7. This is how my dog likes to spend most of his evenings.
8. Just a baby husky enjoying his time in the hot tub.
9. This is how my dad's dog tries to get attention.
10. My dog likes to offer tokens of friendship to the 'big dogs.'
11. Can you believe these dogs fell asleep fighting over a tennis ball?
12. Draw me like one of your French girls!
13. My dog found this while we were camping, and refused to give it up!
14. We turned our couch on its side to stop our dog from hiding underneath it. This is what happened next...
15. We all have that one friend with a unique personality.
16. Stop looking at my coconuts!
17. My dog plant is looking very healthy for this time of year.
18. I suppose my fire pit will have to serve as a dog fort for the time being.
19. After eating though her bed, my graceful princess managed to get her head trapped!
20. Wouldn't want to catch a cold!

Source: boredpanda

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