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16 Simple Paper Craft Tutorials

If you've got some time on your hands, and you're feeling a bit creative, then why not give paper craft a go? While very popular in Asia, origami and other types of paper craft are steadily gaining popularity further West, and it's easy to understand why.

For starters, you don't need any complicated tools, just paper, scissors and glue. What's more, successfully completing a paper craft model is very satisfying indeed! In the videos below, you'll find a variety of simple step-by-step tutorials to help you get started with your new hobby. These include some origami classics, such as the butterfly and the lily, as well as some cute projects that are perfect to make with children, like paper finger puppets and fidget spinners!



Origami Fish
Origami Balloon
Paper Stacking Cat Boxes
Origami Butterfly
Paper Tiger Bookmark
Origami Strawberry
Origami Lily
3D Paper Star
Origami Piano
Simple Paper Envelope
Origami Penguin
Origami Crown
Paper Swallow Plane
Miniature Paper Basket
Origami Cat Pencil Topper/Finger Puppet
Paper Fidget Spinner With No Bearings
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