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8 Plants that Will Reduce Stress

 We all deal with stress at some point in time, and there are various methods of dealing with it, such as through exercise or speaking out. One highly effective method that can help both your physical and mental health is through changing the plants you eat and surround yourself with. Eating, smelling, and growing certain plants may greatly impact your general well-being. Plants like peppermint and lavender, among many others, can alter your stress levels. Here are 8 plants to fill your home with.
1. Peppermint
plants to reduce stress
According to a German study, peppermint (its essential oil in particular) is effective in relieving tension headaches. While another study conducted by Wheeling Jesuit University, found that peppermint can actually lower frustration and boost alertness.
2. Black Eyed Peas
This bean provides you with a good amount of fiber and iron. It also provides you with a lot of folate which can lower stress levels. The National Institutes of Health have found that low folate levels have been linked to depression. Ensure that you consume a good amount of folate to help keep your spirits high while keeping stress and depression at bay. 
3. Chamomile
plants to reduce stress
A study published in Molecular Medicine Reports has shown that chamomile has long been used for its health benefits. The study reports that it may be used to treat anxiety and is a fantastic herb for people who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. Chamomile is a great plant to keep in your room as it can promote better sleep and treat insomnia. Consequently, when you get enough sleep, your stress levels decrease.
4. Cherry Tomatoes
Be sure to include this healthy plant into your diet. Tomatoes are very high in a chemical called lyocpene. Due to its powerful antioxidant properties, cherry tomatoes can protect your artenal cortex from damage. This controls your body's stress response.
5. Evening Primrose
plants to reduce stress
This yellow wildflower has seeds that are very high in tryptophan which your body uses to produce serotonin (a natural mood booster and antidepressant). Evening primrose oil has a variety of health benefits. It has been found to improve fertility and treat acne. One of its major benefits lies in its ability to balance hormones. When your hormones are balanced, you will experience less depression and irritability. 
6. Oregano
This herb can benefit us in more ways than just flavor. It is used for the common cold, muscle pain, headaches, allergies and fatigue. All of these conditions can lead to more stress, so if you feel as though you are coming down with a cold, turn to oregano for relief. 
7. Lavender
plants to reduce stress
Just the scent of lavender has great stress-relieving benefits. Research conducted at the University of Maryland Medical Center found that this scented flower can produce calming, soothing and sedative effects. Keep a plant in your room to relieve headaches, insomnia and depression. 
8. Blue Potatoes
These pretty potatoes are high in an antioxidant called anthocyanin. A study in the Journal of Biomedical Biotechnology found that anthocyanins can reduce blood pressure and have strong anti-inflammatory properties. This helps lead to a reduction in bad moods and stress levels. The skin of blue potatoes is also high in iodine, which is known to balance hormone levels. 
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