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3 Exercises for Shoulder Aches

When you spend most of your day hunched over, your shoulders will pay the price. But when you're feeling achy, there are plenty of stretches that you can do to ease the pain. The below three moves will help you improve your shoulder mobility that will loosen your shoulders and correct imbalances caused by bad posture. To do these exercises all you need is a kettlebell and a resistance band. The key to remedying shoulder discomfort is to put the time into your treatment. Consequently, these exercises will improve the aches you feel. All it takes is just four minutes each morning and evening. Give it a go: 
Exercise 1: Egyptians
achy shoulders

Here's How: 

• Keep your feet slightly wider than your hips. 
• Reach your arms out by your sides to shoulder height keeping your palms facing down.
• Lean your torso to one side and turn that palm up, externally rotating your shoulder.
• At the same time turn the back palm up, internally rotating your shoulder. 
• Return to center, then switch sides. The side-to-side action will pivot your shoulders inward and outward. 
• Repeat for one minute at a pace of one repetition per two seconds.  

Exercise 2: Halos
achy shoulders

Here's How:

• Use the kettlebell in this exercise to give your shoulders a greater range of motion for the movement. Use a dumbbell or just clench your hands together if you don't have a kettlebell. 
• Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a medium-weight kettlebell at the center of your chest by the side handles with the bottom of the bell facing up. 
• Clench your glutes tight and brace through your abs to protect your back as you move through this exercise. 
• Gently loop the bell behind your head and neck, then around the other side.
• Now loop the next halo in the other direction. 
• Repeat for two minutes at a pace for one repetition, per 10 seconds. 

Exercise 3: Band Pull-Aparts

achy shoulders

Here's How:

• This exercise helps train the shoulders to move in the opposite direction that they usually move when you slouch. Using band pull-aparts help sculpt your upper back too.
• Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. 
• Clutch your hands on a medium resistance band and hold them straight ahead and in line with each of your shoulders. You should feel some tension between your hands. 
• Draw your arms out to the sides and stretch the band with your elbows slightly bent. 
• Hold the pose momentarily, then resist the pull.
• Take three times as long to slowly bring your arms back to starting position.
• So, take one second to pull out and three seconds to return.
• Repeat this exercise for a minute in total or about 15 repetitions. 

Featured in photos: Angela Turner, prevention.com

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