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Apply Pressure to These Points to Alleviate Headaches

 Do you want to relieve your headache in a matter of minutes? Try the ancient technique of foot massage, and feel the pain drain away.
Reflexology is a simple technique performed on the feet. It is based on the belief that all major organs and nerves are connected to our feet, and by pressing in the right way on the right place, various places in our body can be cured of pain.


First, massaging the solar plexus (refer to the blue circle in the diagram below) is designed to relax the foot and the overall tension. This action is performed by pressing the thumb or the point of a fisted hand to the center of the foot (the solar plexus area). Gently rub for several minutes. You can also rotate the foot gently to relax the tension in the Achilles tendon.

pressure points for headaches

How do you press with the thumb?

Simply press on the point and keep the thumb on it. You should use gentle pressure at first. If your thumb is a bit weak, you can use the end of a pen (not the writing tip of course) or one of the specialized reflexology tools (see below).

Advanced techniques require moving the thumb in a small half circle, 'walking' the thumb along different points like little steps, or just rubbing up and down, again using the thumb.

How will you be sure you found the right spot?

Usually, the point of pressure will be soft, and you will feel a slight sensation of being pricked. The right spot may turn a bit red, white or a little bloated, and sometimes will go numb. The right pressure is up to the point where you feel uncomfortable, but not unbearably so, and not enough to cause any damage to the skin if you are using a pen/tool.


Point location

pressure points for headaches
Headache caused by tension and stress: The best thing to do at first is to take a hot bath and breath deeply. Afterward, you will need to put pressure on the inner area of the big toe, the fleshy part in the middle of it. Lastly, you'll need to put pressure on the root of the big toe.
Sinuses: The fleshy part of all the toes and the outer edges of the big toe.

Headache caused by stressing the eyes: Press and rub the root of the second and third toes.
Headache caused by tension in the neck and shoulders: Press the tip of the foot under the small toe, and the other end underneath the big toe.
Tip: Be well hydrated to quicken the healing process and help the body get rid of accumulated toxins released by the massage. The electrolytes in the water will also help the sending of nerve conduction in the body at the same time.
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