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9 Wonderful Videos About the Universe

The universe is a vast, incredible thing. Most people think they have some degree of understanding of how it works, but the more they learn about it, the more they realize that much of it is beyond the average person’s comprehension. Luckily, some people have created some truly fantastic documentaries and videos that can teach even the most non-scientific person out there a whole lot about the universe. Here are nine such incredible videos, but be warned – you may end up being even more curious after watching them!


Universe in Motion

How the Hubble Space Telescope changed our understanding of the universe.

Runtime: 50 minutes

Venus - The Death of a

Why is Earth full of life while Venus is such a deadly planet?

Runtime: 25 minutes

The Largest Black Holes
in the Universe

The size of the universe's largest black holes is mind-boggling.

Runtime: 25 minutes


How Earth's supervolcanoes changed the history of our planet.

Runtime: 28 minutes 

Earth: 100 Million Years
from Now

A quick view of how Earth's continents shifted since its early days, and what they will look like in 100,000,000 years.

Runtime: 3 minutes

Cosmic Voyage 

A voyage from Earth, straight into outer space and far, far beyond.

Runtime: 8 minutes

The Known Universe

Another journey from Earth and out to the edge of the universe.

Runtime: 6 minutes

Black Hole Comparison

A short explanation of how black holes form, and a size comparison to blow your mind.

Runtime: 4 minutes

Star Size Comparison 

How big is "big"? Is the moon big? Is the sun? This video can change how you perceive the universe in a mere two minutes!

Runtime: 2 minutes

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