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Say Goodbye to Head Lice with This Home Remedy

 Lice infestations are extremely annoying and can drive every parent or grandparent mad while trying to get rid of them. However, before you rush to buy some over-the-counter stuff, it’s worth checking out this home remedy that won’t have you spending money on multiple rounds of treatments. The reason for this is that like bacteria, lice have developed a tolerance to certain chemical formulas. Prescription washes are also available, but they don’t always address the full life cycles of the littler critters. Sometimes, they don’t even work at all. To avoid all this frustration, simply reach into your cupboard and make this DIY remedy that’ll take out an army of lice and its future generations.


• Nit comb
• Mouthwash (amber colored won’t stain)
• Vinegar (white or apple cider)
• Shower caps or plastic bags large enough for a head
• Towels



1. Soak it: In the sink or bathtub, soak the hair in mouthwash, avoiding the face. Do not rinse out.

2. Cover it: Cover the head with a shower cap or plastic bag secured with a shower cap (depending on the length of hair) for 30-60 minutes.

3. Rinse it: Remove the cap (and bag, if used) and rinse the hair with water, followed by only a vinegar rinse. Leave the vinegar in.

4. Wrap it: Wrap the damp hair in a towel, or use a new plastic covering. Leave the head covered for another hour.

5. Wash it: Wash the hair with normal shampoo. Comb through the wet hair with the nit comb, carefully removing any lice carcasses and eggs.

6. Repeat: Repeat the treatment 3-7 days later.

It is thought that the strong oils in mouthwash such as thyme, peppermint, and eucalyptus helps to suffocate and kill live lice. Though it doesn't destroy the eggs, mouthwash does make it easier to comb them out. Vinegar kills the remaining adults and their eggs. Once you’re done with this treatment, you’ll see dead lice everywhere.  

Source: tiphero
Photos: depositphotos

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