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A History of the World's Greatest Empires

Throughout history, empires and powerful cultures have risen and fallen, giving birth to civilization itself in the process. The remnants of these great empires and cultural moves can be seen throughout the world today, and had a profound impact in every aspect of human life. These 12 videos will allow you to take a walk through history,  learning about some of the greatest empires of history, some by sword, and some by culture. 


Ancient Mesopotamia
The region of Mesopotamia is associated with the very start of human civilization. It gave rise to Sumer, Akkadia, Babylonia and Assyria. It inspired some of the most important inventions in human history, namely the wheel, agriculture, mathematics and astronomy.
Ancient Egypt
One of the most well-known ancient civilizations lasted for many thousands of years, and its legacy is still highly apparent today. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the last standing ancient wonder of the world, and the Ancient Egyptians still inspire art and architecture to this very day.
Persia & Ancient Greece
Two of the greatest rivals of the ancient world notably clashed at the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Salamis. These two civilizations went on to define a significant part of the world as we know it today.
The ancient might of the Orient is today the world's most populous nation and a formidable economic power. China's distinct culture, language and national identity has evolved over the course of millennia. 
Alexander the Great & the Macedonians
Alexander the Great was one of the greatest military leaders the world has ever seen, taking his army as far eastward as India. He sought to reach the ends of the world, and he very nearly did.
Roman Empire
The remnants of this civilization can still be seen in various parts of the Old World, and its culture, language and architecture still influence the world today - some 2,000 years later. Many infrastructure systems used in the present day were invented by the Romans.
The Rise of Islam
Following the death of Prophet Muhammad, great Caliphates (Islamic empires) rose, spreading northward and westward. Today, it is the world's second-biggest religion, with over 1.2 billion followers around the world. 
The Rise of Christianity
Arising in the Middle East following the life and death of Jesus Christ, Christianity is the world's pre-eminent faith, with over 2.4 billion followers around the world.
Mongol Empire
When we think of the Mongols, we immediately thing of Genghis Khan plundering and conquering all before him, but there's much more to this empire than one leader. 
Venice and the Ottoman Empire
The city of Venice is the capital of what once was the Venetian Republic. Its great rival, the Ottoman Empire, lasted for six centuries and originated in what is now Turkey.
Russian Empire
At its greatest extent, the Russian Empire extended over three continents. It was one of the largest empires in world history.
Spanish Empire
Conquering much of the New World during the latter part of the Middle Ages, Spanish influence in the Americas and beyond is still clearly present today.

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