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4 Delicious Juices to Remedy Sleep Disorders

Sometimes I worry about so many (probably unimportant) things in my mind that I can hardly get a good night’s sleep. Yet, I don’t want to take sleeping pills because I fear the side-effects, so I was utterly delighted when I came across these 4 delicious juice recipes that each remedy a different sleep disorder. Why don’t you be pro-active in combating your bad sleep with these super home remedies? 
insomnia natural juices
If you are having sleeping problems, first you need to determine what disorder is responsible, then make the corresponding juice. Drink it every day and keep your diet relatively free of processed foods, dairy products, and sugary and floury foods. 

Note: If your sleep problem becomes serious you should consult your GP to see whether medication is required.
1. Insomnia
Insomnia is something we all know about. Insomniacs can't sleep easily, and even when they do they only sleep for a short time, making their waking days a bit of a living nightmare. About 30% of us actually suffer from insomnia on a regular basis. Acute insomnia could be caused by a significant magnesium deficiency. Magnesium naturally helps relax your muscles and calms your nerves, making falling into a soft, dreamy sleep much easier. Therefore, to keep insomnia at bay we need a juice bursting with magnesium-rich leafy goodness. This will do the trick!
Attack Your Insomnia
Juices for Sleep


- ¼ Savoy cabbage head 
- A handful spinach
- 3 Romaine lettuce heads  
- 2 green apples
- 1-inch ginger root
- 1 lemon

Directions (are the same for each juice)

1. Wash all the ingredients.
2. Cut the ingredients into pieces small enough to fit them through your juicer’s chute.
3. Beginning with the smallest pieces, pop all your ingredients into the juicer.
4. Serve immediately. 


2. Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a fairly frightening phenomenon. The relaxing of throat muscles during sleep can cause a blockage, affecting your breathing and causing you to wake up gasping for air. When your throat produces too much mucus it is more at risk of an apnea inducing blockage. A fiber rich diet will reduce the amount of mucus you produce. So we need some juice rich in fibrous goodness. This juice packs a great fibery punch.

Prevent Your Sleep Apnea
Juices for Sleep
- 4 celery ribs  
- 2 Asian pears
- 4 carrots
- 1-inch ginger root
- 1 lemon
3. Restless Leg Syndrome
Restless leg syndrome bizarrely results in your legs wanting to start moving and running around while you are lying down and trying to sleep. This is a neurological disorder caused by iron and magnesium deficiency. This juice contains plenty of iron and magnesium fruit and veg and will prevent this annoying syndrome from occurring. 
Avoid Restless Leg Syndrome
Juices for Sleep
- 10-12 asparagus spears  
- 2 cups broccoli florets
- 4 celery ribs 
- 1 fennel bulb 
- A handful parsley
- 1 green apple
- 1 lemon
4. Bruxism
Bruxism is the medical name given to the involuntary teeth-grinding that can happen during sleep, waking you up with a saw jaw, or headache. It is believed that a diet rich in greens helps reduce bruxism, which is caused by a lack of vitamin B5, magnesium and calcium. This easy-to-make juice remedies any deficiencies you may have. 
Bust Your Bruxism
Juices for Sleep
- 4 carrots
- 6 celery ribs
- A handful spinach
- A handful parsley
- ¼ of a pineapple
- 1 lemon
Cover (and 1st) photo by depositphotos.com
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