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Hilarious and Silly Street Signs

 If you thought there were only a few silly signs that exist in this mad old world of ours you were dead wrong! Here are 19 more ridiculous, unnecessary and brainless street signs that surprised drivers have spotted without managing to crash their cars in shock.
A sign with a rational incentive.
When you don't know whether you are coming or going.
No matter how often I read it, I still can't pronounce it.
Yes, but what begins?
'Ease' has quite a different meaning to 'cause'.
The Latin language is alive and well in England.
When you know (but can't understand why) a sign has been made as a result of a complaint.
A sign that gives English lessons for free.
So, why I am reading this?
And they say advertising doesn't work!
First thing I'd do would be the opposite of this order.
Anyone seen any sand?
How can I not?
Is it really?
Where can I discard this annoying sign, I wonder?
Make your mind up.
What is a car to do?
This one is barking mad.
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