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22 Times They Just Carried Too Much

  Do you sometimes come back home after shopping carrying more than you can really handle, just so you won't have to go to the car again? Well you're far from alone and you're not even half as crazy as these people, loading up way beyond what looks humanly possible.

1. Who needs a ride?
2. How did he get those under the cables?
3. This could use a trim.
4. Tickets, please!
5. Excuse me, where is the bathroom?
6. Which is louder, the quacks or the engine?
7. Too much packaging these days
8. Meet Ernie.
9. Not bric a brac, but brick a bike.
10. How many gallons is that?
11. This'll be a barrel of laughs.
12. He's got this the wrong way round.
13. Don't play chicken with this motorcyclist.
14. No matter how many balloons you give him, he's still no clown.
15. What a moving service, vicar!
16. A Recyclist.
17. When the lorry just won't do its job.
18. Yes, sir. It's a family sized vehicle.
19. Don't get in their way!
20. Amazon really expect a lot from their delivery agents.
21. The wicker man.
22. Finally, the tin man.
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