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Plastic Bottles to be Replaced by This Edible Water Bubble

 Bottled water has a lot to answer for when it comes down to plastic waste, with Americans throwing out around 35 billion bottles per year. However, thanks to Skipping Rocks Lab, plastic water bottles might soon be a thing of the past. What else are we going to use to hold water? I hear you ask. Well, the fantastic answer to that can be seen in the picture below.


This is an innovative and incredible edible water bubble, known as the Ooho. Skipping Rocks Lab's edible water bottle prototype first made a splash (pardon the pun) back in 2014, and now the team, made up of a bunch of engineering graduates from RCA and Imperial College London, England, are turning their invention into reality thanks to a crowd funding page they set up which has already raised over £600,000 ($750,000).

This bubble encircles drinking water with an edible membrane that is made from natural seaweed extract. If you don't feel like eating it, the flexible, bubble-like packaging biodegrades in just 4-6 weeks - the same time as a piece of fruit, The membrane can be colored and flavored, and could also, in future, be used for other liquids such as spirits, soft drinks, and cosmetics. 


Skipping Rocks Lab intend to pilot Ooho at big UK events this year, such as the London marathon and Glastonbury (the UK's most popular and famous festival. With 750,000 bottles of water being handed out at the marathon alone, it is very easy to see the impact that these biodegradable bubbles will have on plastic waste. This is a brilliant idea that everyone should definitely get behind.   

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